Review: John Leguizamo - Ghetto Klown - Charing Cross Theatre, London

Photo by Carol Rosegg

John Leguizamo has a story to tell and boy does he tell it in his hit one-man show Ghetto Klown. The show, which begins with recounting his school days in the 60s and ends in the present day, provides a unparalleled insight into the performer's career and experiences.

From his parents to his children, his first serious relationship to his ex wife, his drama teacher to his agent, the star packs the show with impressions, tales and stories that have shaped his life.
He speaks with a refreshing frankness and has the audience in the palm of his hand, taking you from choking with laughter to stunned into silence in a split second. The show, whilst hilariously funny, is not for the easily offended as Leguizamo tells his life in his own unique fashion: uninhibited, unrestricted and crude.

Photo by Carol Rosegg
His combination of sound effects, music and projections work beautifully on stage - if you overlook the couple of minor hiccups from the technical team - and his own unique interpretation of the US map is but one example of his lewd sense of humour that left the audience in stitches.

The show won 3 awards for its run on Broadway and it's clear to see why. With only 17 dates in London's Charing Cross Theatre, Leguizamo's hit is a must see and whilst I could rave all day, your time would be much better spent seeing it for yourself. 

John Leguizamo - Ghetto Klown runs until 12th November

Review by Louise Miles