Album Review: Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way The Remix’


With Lady Gaga’s success and ever growing fame it is hard to envisage an album with her name on it ever doing badly. However, a 14 track album of remixes will always provoke the knee-jerk reaction from fans and critics alike who will simultaneously fear and suspect whether the milking of the cash cow is going too far. Following the success of her album ‘Born This Way’ and her new single “Marry the Night” being released on November 28th a remix album may in fact compliment all that is going on in Mother Monster’s world right now.

This new remix album is not without surprises. There are some massive names behind some of the tracks. Foster the People, Hurts, Goldfrapp and Two Door Cinema Club all lend their name to have a go at rebooting some of the old favorites from ‘Born This Way’. What surfaces is a mixture of techno, electro and club mixes.

My favorite track from the whole album has to be the Hurts remix of ‘Judas’. It’s a heart thumping techno/dub-step with a club vibe. However, more disappointing is the Goldfrapp remix ironically also of ‘Judas’. It’s completely different, which is perhaps a good thing, but just feels so down tempo and far-removed from the original I’m not sure it warrants the title of ‘remix’.

It’s about what you’d expect from a remix album, and there are some decent tracks worth checking out. However, it feels that unless you are a hardcore Gaga fan then it won’t make for essential listening.

Review by Melissa Phillips