Fresh from supporting The Wanted, Avril Lavigne and Will Young, we chat to LAWSON and find out more!


Lawson are Andy Brown (24) on vox/guitar, Joel Peat (21) plays lead guitar, Adam Pitts (21) drums, and Ryan Fletcher (21) plays bass. From the four corners of England they first met online via Youtube and Myspace, and then in real life in the pub. Later, when they rehearsed they discovered they had an instant musical rapport and were incapable of writing a duff song. Christening themselves Lawson they spent the next year criss-crossing the country in a beat-up van playing wherever they could. Their combination of hard graft and song-writing craft paid off and Lawson recently inked a deal with Polydor Records.

Fresh from supporting The Wanted, Will Young and Avril Lavigne on recent UK tours, we asked the guys a few questions to find out more about them:

Joel Peat
1. So, you guys have supported The Wanted, Avril Lavigne and have just come off tour with Will Young! 2011 has been a busy year for you, but what was your highlight?
Joel: My highlight was playing Hammersmith Apollo full band, we'd played it with The Wanted twice before but acoustic. It was nice to come back with full drums and electric guitars and just go mental... had people sing along which was amazing! Cant wait to get back! 

Andy: Everything has been amazing! But supporting Avril Lavigne at the hammersmith Apollo was incredible. Also the ultrasound festival In tam worth was great, it was an honour to play alongside the likes of The wanted, scouting for girls, example and Tinie Tempah. 

Ryan: I have so many highlights – going to Oxegen festival with the lads in the summer was a laugh. Very messy in every sense of the word.

Adam: So many! I guess signing our record deal after years of trying and gigging was pretty amazing. To finally officially be able to say my job is a drummer was a pretty good feeling! 

Andy Brown
2. Tell us a bit about your sound? What influences do you have? Do you all write new material?
Joel: We're all massive fans of John Mayer, he's been a huge influence for all of us. Id say we sound a lot more like Kings of Leon but with more poppy songs! Its quite rocky as we all play instruments so we're all about the live sound!!! 

Andy: Yes we write all the songs, there all about real life things that have happened in our lives, songs which people can relate to are always the best ones! My influences vary from the Beatles to Kings of Leon, but at the minute I've been listening to Ed Sheeran and Rascal Flatts.

Ryan: We have a lot of influences – I grew up listening to Guns and Roses, but modern bands we like are The Script, Maroon 5, Coldplay. 

Adam: We do. The songs are all about true life experiences and it’s that honesty which really connects with the crowd when we play live. We’re like 4 male Adele’s playing our hearts out lol.

Adam Pitts
 3. How would you describe each member of your band using only three words per person?
Joel: Andy - Argumentative, Passionate and Impatient
Adam - Slimy, Small and Sweet
Ryan - In. The. Clouds.

Andy: Ryan - sensitive, dreamer, unrealistic
Joel - jobsworth, realistic, laidback
Adam - funny, smily, short

Ryan: Andy – He sings nice 
Adam – What a Guy 
Joel – My Main Man

Adam: Ryan – Womaniser, Weird, Wonderful 
Joel – Serious, Smart, Sensual haha 
Andy – Focused, dramatic, sensitive

Ryan Fletcher
4. How did Lawson get started? How did you meet and what do you think gives you the edge on other all-boy bands out there?
Joel: Andy and Ryan met doing gigs around London, Adam contacted Andy over MySpace after listening to the tracks he had on there and I knew Ryan from home, we used to play gigs in different bands and then went to music college together! It all fitted in really well as we all have exactly the same ridiculous sense of humour and appreciate complete and brutal honesty.

Andy: I always wanted to put a band together as i was doing some acoustic shows by myself, but missed the banter you get in a band. The way we got together is a bit of a tongue twister!..........Joel and ryan went to college together, me and Adam met through MySpace when it was good for music. I knew Ryan through the London music scene and introduced him to Adam, ryan then introduced us all to Joel. we got on straight away and clicked musically and as friends. 

Ryan: First off, I don’t class us as a boyband. A) coz we dance terrible and b) coz we will never be as smart as Harry Styles. If we were compared to anyone then an obvious place to start would be McFly. But again, We can only hope to be as much of a dude as Dougie. 

Adam: Looooooong story. It’s all Andy’s fault basically. I stalked him on the internet, he met joel who as at college with Rhino and Lawson was born. We’re not a boyband. We just take good photos haha. 

5. What are you listening to at the moment – any surprise musical tastes we should know about?
Joel: We're in America at the moment and its impossible not to listen to the amazing country music they have across here e.g Lady Antebellum, Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood. We've always likened our music tastes to American 14yr old girls! 

Andy: I love Ed sheeran's album and his performance at the capital jingle bell ball at the O2 arena was insane! I also love the script, KOL, rascal Flatts, Taylor swift, lady antebellum. Country music is the way forward! 

Ryan: I love the Ed Sheeran record. Lego House just doesn’t get old, ever!
Adam: I ended up at Hanson gig recently actually. Not afraid to admit, Mmmbop live was pretty intense

6. What does the future hold for Lawson? Any new releases, tours or plans that fans should know about?
Joel: We've got a headline tour first thing next year, which we're really excited about! Its the first time we've done a headline tour and it'll be amazing to have a load of people there to just see us! There's loads more stuff that we cant announce yet but safe to say we're all really looking forward to just going all out and becoming the biggest band in the world! 

Andy: We have a headline tour in January and a few other exciting announcements after that. The single should be out around spring time!
Ryan: I can’t wait for next year. We’ve got to decide on the first single – there’s about 5 to choose from! We’ve all got our own favourites. We’ve got a massive gig next summer but my lips are sealed for now. My manager will kick my ass. 

Adam: So many things. Tours, records released, probably getting into trouble someplace and I’m pretty keen to get Adam Pitts trending on Twitter again.


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