Review: Cinderella - Richmond Theatre London

An auditorium full to the brim with an audience of all ages, this is the way a panto should be. And Cinderella at Richmond Theatre delivers on every level.

Making her panto debut, Jenny Eclair is very good as the Fairy Godmother, entering with the traditional pyros and wind chimes to boot. A very warm performance, the audience liken to her instantly, with rhyming lines and lavish costume, Jenny starts the show off nicely.

We are introduced to the ensemble, singing and dancing in the full stage setting of the village, nothing too over the top, but then again, it doesn't need it. We are introduced to Buttons, who is the very talented Gary Wilmot. His wit, pace and comedy timing go hand in hand for this role, and alongside Kellie Shirley's Cinderella, the duo bounce off each other very nicely indeed.

Another duo in this show are of course The Ugly Sisters, Beatrice and Eugenie, played emphatically by Graham Hoadly & Paul Burnham. Well, what can I say about these two? Absolutely superb!
I've seen a fair number of dames in my time of working in theatre, and these two are fabulous. One minute you love them, the next you hate them. The workings of two fantastic actors on stage there in front of you, tirelessly entertaining you all evening. Hats off to the pair.

Another good pairing are Dandini and Prince Charming, with Ben Redfearn's geordie Dandini being the butt of jokes at times to Gary Wilmot's Buttons, having the audience in stitches.
Elliot Harper has a fine singing voice as Prince Charming, as do all the cast really. It is a joy to listen to them, supported by a great band led by MD Matthew Shaw in the pit.

Everything needed for a good panto is here, a great script with topical and local references, some bad jokes and old routines (Busy Bee never fails to get a laugh), and a visit from a couple of white Shetland Ponies just add that final detail into a very enjoyable evening out.

Cinderella runs until 15 January 2012

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