Review: Noises Off - The Old Vic, London

Michael Frayn's Noises Off has been revived at The Old Vic, and it is about time too.
One of the best comedies out there just gets better and better, with Lindsay Posner's cast doing everything right.

A farcical look at the goings on of a touring production of 'Nothing On', in the first act we are taken into the world of the final Tech/Dress rehearsal and Dotty Otley (the wonderful Celia Imrie) remembering the sardines, telephone and newspaper. We are introduced to the other actors, crew and director along the way, with various mishaps and comedy taking it's toll. Contact lenses being lost by Brooke (Amy Nuttall), lots of 'My Love', 'My Precious', 'My Dear' - all the stereotypical actor 'luvvie' talk you hear on stage!

The second act we are whizzed to four weeks into the tour, and are taken backstage while the show is on. Hiding bottles of whiskey from Selsdon (Karl Johnson), everyone in a panic as tempers and relationships take the strain while on a tour. The director knocking off the stage manager Poppy (Aisling Loftus) and Brooke, trying to keep both happy and failing.

I won't go into detail of other relationships going on, as you have to go and see this production to find out for yourselves. I don't want to spoil it for you.

Last act, we are shown the production on it's final legs... I mean leg of the tour... with even more things going wrong, lines being thrown in, props going wrong etc etc.

I am going to be completely honest here, I absolutely loved this production. It is laugh out loud funny, and gives you an insight to the working life of a show, all be it going wrong.

This is a must see, you will not regret it. Prepare yourself for a good night out and enjoy one of theatre's better comedy offerings.

Noises Off runs at The Old Vic until 10th March 2012