Review: Stepping Out - Union Theatre, London

I went to see Mavis Turner's Tappers last night down at the Union Theatre in London, they were Stepping Out with everything, Comedy, Music, Dance and a great ensemble.

You are immersed in to the lives of the hapless dancers, all going for their weekly fix of Tap.
When they are asked to perform at a charity concert, mayhem and arguments ensue, showing off the cast's ability to perform with panache and comedy to full effect.

There are some fine performances in the show, as the cast do incredibly well and work together as the dance troupe community that is bestowed upon them.

Special nod to Helen Jeckells as Vera, who is hilarious in every scene and dresses in the most outrageous leotards at times.

A simple set of a rehearsal hall, a piano and a few chairs is all that this show needs.
Add in a few canes and hats, and you end up with the razzle-dazzle number at the end of the show, delighting the audience.

A great comedy, good music, and fantastic ensemble work. You will be Stepping Out of the theatre with a smile on your face.

Stepping Out runs until 10th December