Album Review: Goldfrapp - 'The Singles' - Released February 7th 2012


Goldfrapp are set to release their latest album ‘The Singles’ on February 7th 2012. It gives us all the old favorites from a career’s worth of hits as well as two completely new songs written especially for the release!

Love them or hate them, Goldfrapp has created a whole new music genre – they are unique in many ways and provide a refreshing movement away from the mainstream pop that seems to flood the airwaves.

The album has all the hits you would expect, from ‘Ooh La La’ to ‘Ride A White Horse’.  There’s Mercury shortlisted ‘Felt Mountain’ and Grammy nominated dance track ‘Supernature’ to name a few. But what of the new tracks?

‘Yellow Halo’ has a very acoustic feel to it with sustained pianos and strings over repetitive synth loops. It is much slower and more relaxed than we are used to from Goldfrapp but is quite beautiful and shows off Alison’s haunting vocals well.

‘Melancholy Sky’ is another slow ballad style track.  I would have quite liked an upbeat movement to end the record but it is again a lovely heartfelt piece with echoes of fairytale and melancholy with an unexpected James Bond style brass moment to end. 

Review by Melissa Phillips