Interview with... BENJAMIN FRANCIS LEFTWICH who will be touring the UK in February

Benjamin Francis Leftwich

We had quick chat with Benjamin Francis Leftwich this week to find out more about the man behind the music, and what's in store for the year ahead:

Hi Ben! You were really busy last year with the release of your debut album ‘Last Snow Before the Snowstorm’, what does 2012 hold for you?
Hey… 2012 is going to be a lot of touring I think. As I write this I’m in the “Loire Valley” in France…. At the moment I’m on tour with a band called Radical Face… In February I’m doing my biggest UK tour so far and then have trips to America, Canada, Australia and Europe again booked in. It was good to have a break over Xmas but it’s nice being out playing shows again… Also I want to make a new E.P and I might be doing some exciting collaborations this year which should be cool….

Your musical style has been likened to that of Damien Rice – Do you agree with that? What would you say your main musical influences have been that inspire your song writing?
To be honest I think the whole thing of comparing new artists to already established acts is kind of a lazy/stupid press thing to do. I understand why it happens but I tend to kind of ignore it. I’m a big Damien Rice fan! I love both his albums and also his b-sides and demos too… I don’t know if I sound like him or not… I’d say my biggest influence is Bruce Springsteen…. I love the passion and conviction in his music… and I love how many different sounding records he’s released …. “Nebraska” by Springsteen is one of my all time favorite albums….

You’ve been touring all over the world recently, what has that been like? What has been your favourite gig so far?
It’s amazing being able to see so many new places and travel around so much. I got to go to Hong Kong before Xmas, that was pretty amazing. We literally flew in at night…. Went to the pub, then went to sleep…. Then woke up…. Drove to the festival… played in the afternoon…. Went back to the hotel/bar … went to sleep …. And then woke up at 4 a.m and got the plane home! It’s kind of crazy sometimes when the travelling get’s really intense but I love playing music and wouldn’t change anything… It’s kind of hard to pick a favorite gig…. I guess playing my own show at “Union Chapel” in London would be one…. It’s an amazing big old church in North London and I always wanted to play there when I was younger so it was great to be able to do my own show and it also sold out, which was awesome!

When can we next see you live in the UK?
I’m touring the UK in February….. all the dates are on

Benjamin's new single 'Pictures' is released on 20th February, catch the video below: