Single Review: Awolnation - 'Not Your Fault' - Release Date February 20th


AWOLNATION have just announced a UK headline tour commencing this February that will lead up to the release of their new single ‘Not Your Fault’ available from 20th February 2012 courtesy of Red Bull Records.

I’ve absolutely fallen for this band. They are an electro-rock group from America that bring a festival vibe to their music. They are a relatively new band but are already making waves in the music industry. Their new single ‘Not Your Fault’ is already in the Top 20 at Alternative radio in the United States. It is taken from their awesome debut album ‘Megalithic Mayhem’ and is accompanied by a Tim Burton inspired video that sees the band transported through various bizarre scenarios.

But what of the music? I can’t get enough of this single. I haven’t heard something as original as this in a long time. It reminds me of the experimental feel of ‘Jimmy Eat World’ if they met ‘The Killers’. The single has an incredibly catchy chorus with half sung/shouted vocals over distorting wriggling electro synths. The verses pull back slightly becoming lighter with interesting bubblegum pop sounds over a festival styled guitar riffs. It’s a perfectly structured track with light hearted and relaxed moments leading well into more intense expansions. Some of the best bits can be found just after the chorus that leads into a sort of haunting middle-8 vocal that drifts off back into the verse. It works incredibly well in giving the track momentum, effortlessly pushing it forwards so that the verses pop back in unexpectedly.

The whole album of ‘Megaithic Mayhem’ is worth a listen but the single ‘Not Your Fault’ is by far my favourite track on there. However, also worthy of a mention are ‘Kill Your Heroes’, ‘Jump On My Shoulders’ and their hit single ‘Sail’.

Review By Melissa Phillips