Single Review: Jodie Marie - 'I Got You' - Available now to download & in the shops 27th February 2012

Jodie Marie 

Jodie Marie is a relatively new singer/songwriter ready to burst onto the UK music scene. She is set to release her latest single ‘I Got You’, which has already been named as Radio 2’s Record of the Week, and will be available in the shops on the 27th February, and is available now to download on iTunes.  

Having already supported Will Young on his recent UK Tour, Jodie brings an acoustic blend of Blues and Soul to her work. A happier version of Adele mixed with a bit of an Amy Winehouse attitude would perhaps sum up her musical style. She has a beautiful innocent look about her. Her style is raw and untainted yet by the music industry. There is something very honest about the work she produces, it’s well put together and doesn’t rely on over production.

The track itself is smooth and uplifting. The instrumentation is clean and simple with a basic piano accompaniment and classic percussion beats. There is certainly a comparison to Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ to be made here, both in production, instrumentation and vocals. However, while Duffy is unique for her distinct gritty voice, Jodie’s vocals are much richer with a cleaner tone. It is refreshing to see an honest songwriter who has a large input into her music and this comes across in her work – it is obviously very personal to her.

While it is an easy listening track I’m not sure whether it will glitter enough to attract the masses. It has its place for those longing for a nostalgic sound, or for the acoustic fan, but I’m not sure it will blow the charts apart.

Review by Melissa Phillips