Single Review: Marcus Collins - 'Seven Nation Army' - Release Date March 12th 2012

Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins is releasing his debut single ‘Seven Nation Army’ on the 4th March 2012 taken straight out of his debut album ‘Marcus Collins’ which will be made available from March 12th.

I will be the first to admit that the thought of yet another X-factor contestant releasing yet another album of half-interesting covers did fill me with that sinking feeling. As a fan of the White Stripes I also worried as to whether or not it would destroy my memories of a pretty awesome band. Die-hard Stripes fans should probably look away now and avoid at all costs but I will have to admit I was pleasantly impressed.

The track starts with a electro pop bass riff of the well know Stripes Track. It is a bit reminiscent of Soft Cell’s original ‘Tainted Love’. Then the brass swings in and before you know it you have a mix of big band meets pop meets an interesting Reggae piano backing.

While I’m not so keen on the Big Band brass sounds (they are just a bit too cheesy for my liking) I definitely felt the beginning of the track held potential. I feel slightly disappointed that they didn’t go for a bit more of a darker production, with an edgier sound. I think Marcus could have pulled off something a bit more alternative – this track feels a bit too much like they’ve played it safe.

Love it or loathe it the X-Factor has a history of infiltrating the charts. Marcus won over the audience with both his smooth-styled lyrics but most of all fans loved his personality. Overall, it’s not a bad track. I would have liked it to have been a bit darker and feel the production could have stretched its imagination in regards to instrumentation but I think it is set to do well.

Review by Melissa Phillips