Album Review: The Ting Tings – Sounds from Nowheresville -Release Date 27th February 2012

The Ting Tings

The Tings Tings have released their long awaited second album entitled Sounds from Nowheresville, which is due to be released 27th February 2012. The platinum selling British electro-pop duo have made fans wait an awfully long time following the success of their debut album We Started Nothing, and after famously ditching a whole batch of songs they weren’t happy with they have finally released an album of music they stand by.

Speaking about the latest album, Jules De Martino stated “Everything before then had been a struggle. Suddenly it wasn’t. Every time Katie went up to the booth she was nailing it. The lyrics were happening. The whole weight off our shoulders was lifted. This was enjoyable again. It was being dictated by its own energy again.”

The first single from the album Hang it up is already available to download. It is a clever move to release this track first as it is very typical of the Ting Ting’s sound. It has an edgy feel to it with the use of a military snare drum against unusual bell chimes. The vocals are have sung half rapped, familiar of previous hits such as Shut Up and Let me Go. It moves somewhat away from their British roots with a slight commercialised American groove to it, particularly in Katie’s accent.

The track that really stands out for me is Day to Day. It leans more towards their pop following with a laid-back innocence and stripped back instrumental arrangement. I also like to hear Katie sing rather than rap. A lot of the album seems to be taken up with her shouting a lot of the lyrics and it was a welcome relief to hear her softer pop voice coming out.

There is always a danger when bands make fans wait for so long for their next album. There has been an awful lot of hype behind this release, and people are expecting something new and innovative from the duo. While they have certainly become edgier and with an essence of British 80s punk ringing through the album they have maintained their original charm. However, with the exception of Day to Day the album fails to make the bold impact I believe it was looking for. Too much for me sounds the same, and while it is admirable that they are out there making the music they like I will be interested to see how it charts.