Review: Dead Cat Bounce - Soho Theatre, London


Wednesday 15th February 9.15pm: Dead Cat Bounce are part rock group, part comedy trio, and last night they played a sold out Soho Theatre Downstairs.

Here we have three very talented musicians, Jim on electric guitar, Shane on bass and Damo on the drums. They all sing and have incredibly good comic timing and facial expressions, just watching them will make you laugh.

Their songwriting is just something else, very funny parodies about all sorts of topics, the first being about Chinese Immigrants in Australia wanting to make a giant illegal stew!
Follow this with a huge variety of different topics, a song about how women are like a bottle of wine, outfits people wear, over protective contraceptive woman, a very tall woman, Golf and Rugby.

The possibilities are endless, and these guys have taken observational comedy to the next level and pack it with an almighty musical punch.
It works impeccably well, and it had me laughing all evening.

I advise you book yourself in for this at Soho Theatre if there are any seats left, as I hear it is selling out.

Dead Cat Bounce
Soho Theatre
Until 18th February at 9.15pm