Theatre Review: Singin' In The Rain - Palace Theatre, London ✭✭✭✭✭

Adam Cooper (Don Lockwood), Scarlett Strallen (Kathy Seldon) and Daniel Crossley (Cosmo Brown)
 Photo credit Manuel Harlan
Monday 20th February 2012: I had the wonderful pleasure of watching Singin' In The Rain last night at the  Palace Theatre, London, and what a glorious feeling... I'm happy again!

The static main set is covered with wooden floorboards, and represents Monumental Pictures studio interior, and also Hollywood Boulevard, lined with a palm tree. Desks, street benches, a monoplane and various other bits of set are wheeled on throughout, cinema screen flown in, not giving the stage a clustered look, but just the right amount to set the scene. Simon Higlett's design looks good, beautifully lit by Tim Mitchell, with the orchestra up on the top deck, led by MD Robert Scott, keeping out of the rain!

The cast of Singin' in the Rain
Photo credit Manuel Harlan

Before I get on to the cast, I must mention the sound for this show, designed by Matt McKenzie. This has got to be up there as one of the best sounding shows in the West End at the moment. It is clean, crisp, clear, the right mix of vocals to music, and at times, I closed my eyes and it was just like listening to a CD. Top marks to the sound department.

Adam Cooper  and Scarlett Strallen
Photo credit Manuel Harlan
Right, onto the cast - Adam Cooper is in fine form as the all singing, all dancing Don Lockwood. He looks good, sounds good and is splendid to watch in the classic Singin' In The Rain scene.
Daniel Crossley plays a very likeable Cosmo Brown, with exquisite tap dancing skills, and Katherine Kingsley's Lina Lamont is brilliant, with the annoying voice that you actually don't mind listening to.
Scarlett Strallen is simply divine as Kathy Selden... what a performer! Beautiful voice, her energy fills the stage in the dance numbers, and she is just wonderful to watch, I could quite happily listen to You Are My Lucky Star over and over again.

The choreography from Andrew Wright is sharp and slickly executed from the whole ensemble. The Broadway Melody is great to see, with neons flown in, the floor lighting up and the cast giving it their all.

Have I mentioned it rains in the show? Well it does, and it is very splash happy, it looks gorgeous and the audience loved it, particularly in the front of the stalls!

This is one of those musicals where you cannot help but smile throughout, watching the performances in front of you, hearing the wonderful orchestra, and basically having a visual feast right in front of you.
You leave the theatre beaming, and singing the songs you have just heard like Moses Supposes, Make 'em Laugh, Good Morning and many others.

With thunderous applause from the audience, the tickets will go lightning quick for this show, and I think this will reign as one of the best shows in London for quite a while.

Go grab a ticket and see for yourself, you will be daft to miss this one.

5 stars ✭✭✭✭✭

Theatre:                           Palace Theatre, 109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue, London W1D 8AY
Dates:                              4 February – 29 September 2012 (First booking period)
Performances:                   Monday and Tuesday at 7pm
                                      Wednesday – Saturday at 7.30pm
                                      Wednesday and Saturday at 3pm
Prices:                              £15 - £65
Box Office:                        0844 412 4656