Single Review: Demi Lovato – Skyscraper – Released 27th February 2012


Demi Lovato is set to release her lead single Skycraper from her third studio album Unbroken. Already debuting in the US straight to #1 on the US iTunes Chart Demi will be hoping to repeat that success in the UK.

Demi Lovato’s third album was the result of a long, hard year that saw her seeking treatment for a number of psychological issues. The single Skyscraper seems an honest answer to how she’s overcome these difficulties and how she intends to gain strength from her experiences. The lyrics are poignant with a deeply personal message - “Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground”.

The track itself is a pop ballad with a powerful presentation. Demi’s voice is particularly exposed but has a raw strength to it that easily hits the high notes and yet comes across as beautifully vulnerable in the more emotional moments. It begins with a basic piano accompaniment accompanying her voice and it is some time before a beat drops in. While I’m not usually fan of girly pop ballads this one has something distinctively different about it that sets it aside from the usual commercial pop on offer.

Perhaps it’s how personal this track is to Demi that allows her to give such a believable performance. I love that it is both raw and exposed yet remains delicate without giving in to too much Hollywood glamour. It is certainly worth a listen and I can see it doing very well in the UK charts as it deserves to.

Skyscraper the single is out on 27th February 2012 with the album Unbroken released 5th March.