Single review: Snow Patrol - In The End - Release date 13th February 2012

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol have announced the release of their new single In the End which will be available on 13th February 2012. It is the third single from their Platinum selling sixth studio album Fallen Empires, which was released in November last year. It follows the success of previously released singles Calling out in the dark and This isn’t everything you are.

While the ‘Fallen Empires’ album is more experimental than we have heard before their new single ‘In the End’ returns back to a more familiar sound. It may have been a safer choice to release this track over their newer more innovative sounds such as The Symphony (incidentally a track I consider to be the best of the album) but it fails to make the same impact as the two previously released singles.

While it is a decent track, opening with strong vocals over a catchy looping guitar riff, it somewhat lacks the power we are used to seeing behind Snow Patrols biggest hits. The electric guitar and deep drum beats are effective in building up tension and creating the energy needed in the lead up to the chorus. However, the chorus itself isn’t particularly catchy or exciting. The best part of the track can be found in the middle-8 section – which is strong and reminiscent of their more successful sound.

In general the album has received mixed reviews, some loving the experimental approach while others criticising anything that deviates from the band’s original ethos. There does seem a general consensus however of fans longing to return back to the stronger and catchier hooks and riffs that cemented Snow Patrol’s earlier success.

Their UK tour continues throughout February with London O2 Arena dates set for February 10-12th.

Review by Melissa Phillips