Album Review: Marcus Collins – ‘Marcus Collins’ Released March 12th 2012

Marcus Collins

Marcus Collins
releases his debut album ‘Marcus Collins’ on March 12th 2012. The ex-X Factor contestant has spent the last year touring on the X-Factor Live Tour, which will no doubt have given him a taste for filling large arenas. The question of course, as with any X Factor act, is whether they can survive without the hype of the show behind them. Marcus will have his work cut-out, especially as the next season of contestants will spin around towards the end of summer and churn out a whole new set of competition.

That said, I think Marcus was one of the most likeable contestants seen on the X Factor, not only from the 2011 series but spanning its entire history. He always struck me as a modest and grounded contestant rather than the more hysterical that seem to clog the airtime from such television shows. For that, I feel he at least deserves a chance to present us his musical offerings.

What of the album? I have already expressed my surprise for his single Seven Nation Army cover of the White Stripes track. Admittedly at first surprised by the fact I didn’t hate it (without getting too cynical I can be slightly hesitant in jumping onto the X Factor bandwagon) and secondly but how much I enjoyed his voice. That said, it’s not been a single welcomed by fans worldwide – admittedly it was a bold move by his team to decide to cover it in the first place.

Marcus has a strong voice, which I think is very suited to a more big band style. I would love to see him do something with more power and depth to it. I am left feeling slightly empty by the album, unattached and unmoved by anything presented. It seems to be filled full of cheesy and safe tracks. The cover of Higher and Higher is more of what we got from the live X Factor final shows – it’s basically half-hearted karaoke. The most disappointing track on the album has to be Feel Like I Feel – a dodgy 70s styled disco pop track that brought up memories of ‘Disco Inferno’.

It’s a disappointing album but sadly one that won’t surprise the most cynical of X Factor followers. Disappointing for its lacklustre tracklist, cheesy production values and uncharismatic delivery. However, I am left even more disappointed by the feeling that Marcus is a better artist than what he has been given to work with.