Allen Carr ‘LOSE WEIGHT NOW’ broadens success of celebrity smoking cessation technique

Allen Carr 

is the latest release from the International Best Selling author Allen Carr. His invaluable work in helping smokers to quite has expanded through his worldwide clinics, books and DVDs. His friend and colleague, Robin Hayley, has also spearheaded the application of the method by applying it to other issues.

Allen Carr has already sold over 13,000,000 books and his “Easyway” method is endorsed both my medical professionals and a long line of celebrity followers, including Goldie Hawn, Ashton Kutcher, Sean Bean, Arlene Phillips and Angelica Houston, with Sir Richard Branson claiming “His method is absolutely unique”.

Allen Carr was himself a chain-smoker for over 30 years, and after countless attempts to quit he went from smoking 100 cigarettes a day to zero, without using willpower, suffering withdrawal pangs or putting on weight. With the realization that his revolutionary method worked and the release of his chart topping book the EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING he began to expand his method to cover weight loss, alcohol and other drug addictions.

LOSE WEIGHT NOW: The Easy Way promises you can eat as much of your favorite foods as your want and be the exact weight you want to be “without dieting, special exercise or feeling deprived”.

The book comes with a free hypnotherapy CD that is to be used alongside the plan and there are a number of weight-loss sessions to be found via the Allen Carr website (

Speaking on this new release, editor Robin Hayley told us “ Allen Carr’s method really works and I’m delighted that this book will help people overcome their weight problems the EASYWAY”

The book is available now in all major retailers and for kindle download via Amazon. Look out for future releases which we’ve been told will be centered on getting out of debt!

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