Black Coffee Theatre's BRIAN LOOKS LIKE ALAN RICKMAN to premiere at York Theatre Royal before London shows


After their unexpected success at the Edinburgh Festival in 2010 with the UK première of Valentin Krasnogorov's “Let's Have Sex!” Black Coffee Theatre are back with a brand new play.

This time around the Tooting based company are celebrating up and coming talent, with a cast of some of the most promising drama school graduates, a witty debut script by playwright Jonathan Holby and original music by up and coming musicians.

About the Show

Guys don’t talk about their feelings but, like most twenty something lads, Brian, Jonny and Finley have some fear about what their life will hold, what they could achieve or what they may not.. Not content with the direction his life is going, Jonny begins to ask “What if there’s more to life than this?”

This hilarious coming of age story follows the boys as they finally step outside their comfort zones and chase their dreams.

Did we mention it’s also really quite funny. I think we did, but it’s funnier than I think we got across.

If we were to describe the “funny” it would be Will Ferrell, sipping on a Carlsberg, whilst making love to Jack Dee. Not in a vulgar way, but in a way that stays with you... you know, like the pottery scene in Ghost.

A disclaimer: This play is not actually about, nor does it feature, Alan Rickman. It’s just a catchy title. However the play’s really good and really funny. Alan himself said “I really like the writing”, and it’s set in a pub… which is nice.

About the Company

Black Coffee Theatre were formed over a cup of coffee in 2010 by Luke Adamson, Maria Crocker and Jonathan Holby. Their aim was to do-away with the out-dated notions that surround theatre and introduce it to a new generation of people who mightn't have experienced it before. Their mixed arts nights in Tooting have provided a platform for up and coming artists/musicians/actors/comedians to showcase their talent in front of an audience that they may not have otherwise reached, in an already popular venue.

Their plays are aimed at an audience that may not be familiar with theatre, with the intention of not only introducing people to theatre, but telling a story that they can connect and relate to, and that may even have some relevance to their life. In a society where people seem to have so little time, they want to slow people down, if only for an hour, and inject some fun and meaning into an increasingly hostile world.

The play will be directed by Black Coffee Theatre’s Artistic Director Maria Crocker. She says “I’m very much looking forward to Brian Looks Like Alan Rickman, the writing is sharp and witty and keeps you on your toes and just when you think you’re coasting along you hit a bump in the road that knocks you off kilter. The characters are people we all know but the situations are ones that are new to them and hopefully to us. I’m lucky to be working with such a great team and I think it’ll be a show to be really proud of.”

The cast includes Luke Adamson who may be familiar to audience members in York having appeared at the Theatre Royal before in ‘Enjoy’ and as Shane in ‘Brassed Off!’ He says “I’m over the moon that we’re bringing this production to York. The Theatre Royal has played such a big part in shaping me as an actor and to return there with my own theatre company means a great deal to me. I’ve had the script for a while now and have seen draft after draft as it has evolved and matured and I can’t wait to bring this story to York.”

This is the first play from young playwright Jonathan Holby, who also has a feature film in pre-production and he says “To premiere at such a famous and renowned theatre such as York Theatre Royal and then to have a run at The White Bear, one of the country’s leading fringe venues is a very humbling experience for a young writer. To have a debut play performed at such acclaimed venues north and south of the country is very exciting.”

Listings Information

Brian Looks Like Alan Rickman
By: Jonathan Holby
Directed by: Maria Crocker
Cast Includes: Luke Adamson, Jonathan Holby, Will Cooper

York Theatre Royal Studio
10th April 2012 at19.45
01904 623568

The White Bear Theatre, Kennington
17th-21st April 2012
020 7793 9193