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Someone to Blame 
Robin Crouch
Sunday 11th March 2012: Sam, Sam who? Is he a murderer or a victim of mistaken identity and rumours? Are they simply ‘looking for someone to blame’?

Sam Hallam was tried and convicted of the murder of Essayas Kassahun, but he denies he was present at the scene of the crime. He was convicted based on evidence, which is arguably flawed, given by two eyewitnesses, both of whom changed their accounts and one even retracted his statement in court.  Yet still the jury found Sam Hallam guilty.

Someone to Blame is a verbatim play that uses extracts from recent interviews and written sources to illustrate Sam’s story and shows the world an example of a potential miscarriage of justice.

David Mercatali’s direction is dynamic and the full use of the theatre, with some actors standing amongst the audience adds a certain edge to the play. 
Tess Berry-Hart skilfully scripts the play which is gripping and flows well. 

Clare Cameron & Vincent Jerome
The cast are a great asset to the play and all demand equal attention. Robin Crouch’s portrayal of Sam is carried off effortlessly and the audience is captivated hoping justice will prevail. Keith Hill, in the role of Paul May, offers some comic value to an otherwise serious play and helps the audience with the legal terminology and relevance of each witness statement.

The ensemble deserves a special mention as they are versatile and believable in all the characters they assume. They move from one role to another with great ease almost to the point where it appears there are more than five actors in the ensemble.

I highly recommend seeing Someone to Blame especially if you want to be moved or are a believer in justice. It is impossible not to sympathise with Sam and his situation and you will leave the theatre wanting to know more about his trial. 

To learn more about Sam Hallam and to follow his case which is up for appeal in May (16th and 17th) visit 

Review by Unsa Chaudri

Someone to Blame

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