Album Review - Louise Dearman – Here Comes the Sun – Released 7th May 2012

Louise Dearman – Here Comes the Sun – Released 7th May 2012

Renowned West-End talent Louise Dearman is set to release her latest album Here Comes the Sun on the 7th May 2012. Best known for her role as Glinda in the hit West-End Musical Wicked, Louise Dearman is fast becoming a household name. She has just recently completed touring with Lee Mead and has now turned her attention to releasing this next exciting album.

The album Here Comes the Sun is a collection of Dearman’s own interpretation of some of her favourite songs. It is disappointingly a album made entirely of cover songs, rather than branching into anything original – that said, they are cover songs done very well. Tracks include Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”, Annie Lennox’s “Little Bird” and Desree’s “Kissing You”.

Speaking about the album, Dearman states:

“As much as I love Pop Music, I do always prefer more dramatic songs, and artists like Alanis Morissette, Annie Lennox and Skunk Anansie. I love complex lyrics, and of course the opportunity to really belt out a song, you know?”

I find this an interesting comment as the album in general feels like a hommage to the stripped-back pop ballad with some acoustic elements thrown in.

Dearman’s voice has a distinct theatre style twang to it in her higher notes but she is also capable of producing rich dreamy mellow tones in her lower octaves that are particularly beautiful. This lower, jazz-like quality comes across most in her title track Here Comes the Sun, a take on The Beatles' Original. It is laid-back track, perfect to welcome in the summer – just as I listened to it I thought I saw a break in the storm outside!

One of the more surprising tracks is her cover of “Univited” by Alanis Morissette. It really shows off her West-End voice, and could have come straight off the stage. It’s a haunting track which Dearman releases with a admirable force and energy.

While I am always slightly cautious of albums made-up entirely of cover songs, Here Comes the Sun holds much promise for Louise Dearman. I will certainly be following her progress and watching out for her future releases.