Gig Review: Ryan Adams - London Palladium

Ryan Adams
London Palladium

Monday 23rd April: London Palladium was the setting for a sold out, intimate performance from Ryan Adams.

The set was simple, a large rug centre stage with a chair and table and two guitars, and heading stage right was an upright piano. This was it, a bare minimum for an acoustic set of around nineteen songs.

Ryan is a multiple-Grammy-nominated singer songwriter from Jacksonville, NC, whose critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums both as a solo artist and with the Cardinals have included ‘Heartbreaker’ (2000), ‘Gold’ (2001), ‘Love Is Hell’ (2004), ‘Cold Roses’ (2005) and ‘Easy Tiger’ (2007). His latest album 'Ashes & Fire' has seen huge success, and his current UK tour is an easy way to see why.

With the dim lighting, you can just see Ryan's face on stage, he walks on, takes his seat, picks up the guitar and puts the harmonica round his neck, and goes straight into the track of the night, Oh My Sweet Carolina, a lovely opening number with ia slow bluesy folk feel. This sets the standard for the evening, a high quality acoustic session, and Ryan's voice is flawless.

He gets up after a few numbers and goes to the piano for The Rescue Blues, after which he stands with his guitar for Please Do Not Let Me Go. Later in the set, Ryan does the track 16 Days, from one of the bands he used to be in - Brain Maggots - according to Ryan, it was the only decent song they did and they were big in Utah (even though he never went to Utah).

A funny little tune on the piano about how he loves his cat added some freshness to the set, and the audience loved it. He came back on for an encore, doing a cover of one of his favourite tracks Black Sheets Of Rain.

Ryan also said "thank you to The Wizard Of Oz for not happening tonight, and sorry to all The Wizard Of Oz fans who are very confused right now". Small slices of humour injected into a faultless performance. A must see for any music fan.

Remaining tour dates
Wednesday 25th April – Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
Thursday 26th April – Glasgow Royal Concert Hall
Friday 27th April – Sheffield City Hall
Monday 30th April – London Palladium

Set List
Oh My Sweet Carolina
Ashes & Fire
If I Am A Stranger
Dirty Rain
My Winding Wheel
The Rescue Blues
Please Do Not Let Me Go
Do I Wait
Everybody Knows
Sweet Lil' Gal
Why Do They Leave?
English Girls Approximately
Chains Of Love
16 Days
New York, New York
When Will You Come Back Home
Lucky Now
Come Pick Me Up
Black Sheets Of Rain