Review: Chicago - Edinburgh Playhouse

23rd April: With fast-paced, witty dialogue and sassy dance routines, Chicago captures the drama of the real-life events which took place back in the roaring 1920s. The show was created by John Kander, Fred Ebb and choreographer Bob Fosse and is now embarking on a UK tour throughout 2012.

The show opens with All That Jazz performed by the company and led by Velma Kelly, who is played by Tupele Dorgu in the tour. The iconic song instantly grabs the audience's attention and provides a strong start to the production. 

Throughout the show, the band is positioned on a raised platform on the stage, which helps create a concert-like atmosphere to the evening. The simplistic set works well as it allows the band and cast to interact, as well as adding an extra dimension to the stage.

In this wonderful piece, Tupele Dorgu steals the limelight and shines with her portrayal of double-murderess, Velma Kelly. Her sassy style, strong vocals and facial expressions are both engaging and great to watch. Her character is matched by Roxie Hart, who is played by Ali Bastian. She creates a strong role and was particularly noteworthy during the court room scene where Roxie was on trial. Also featuring are Bernie Nolan as Matron 'Mama' Morton and Stefan Booth as Billy Flynn and they all gel well together throughout the whole show. It is also nearly impossible not to develop a bit of sympathy towards the lovable doormat character of Amos Hart, Roxie's husband, played by Jamie Baughan.

The show concludes with effortless versions of Nowadays and Hot Honey Rag, in which Ali Bastian and Tupele Dorgu prove they really do make the perfect dancing duo.

Review by Mhairi Greer 

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