Single Review – The Saturdays – 30 Days – Released 14th May 2012

The Saturdays - 30 Days

The Saturdays are set to release their new single, 30 Days, on the 14th May through Polydor Records. Having amassed over 63 million views on YouTube and recently been nominated for ‘Best Band’ at this year’s Glamour Awards, the girl band just keep going from strength to strength. Written and produced by Steve Mac (responsible for previous hits Higher and Notorious) and co-written by Autumn Rowe, 30 Days is their latest release from their hit album All Fired Up

Speaking about the track, Frankie Sandford states; “30 Days is about being apart from the person you love and counting down the minutes until you're back together. The song really struck a chord with us – it’s a situation all of us can relate to, and we think a lot of fans will relate to it as well.” 

The track itself is largely electro-pop in style. It begins with a electronic dance introduction before the vocals enter. The chorus explodes with strong string synth chords and an upbeat pop beat. There is little to say about it really. It doesn’t really develop or offer anything original. It is your average pop track – fun and girly but distinctively average. 

Unsurprising, what you’d expect from a new release from The Saturdays. As a stand-alone track it fails to reach same level of excitement as previous hits like ‘Notorious’ but like I’ve said in previous reviews there will always be a place for this kind of music in the industry. It’s not always about making hit singles; it’s about churning out music that continues to sell. 

Die-hard fans will of course be thrilled with another release from The Saturdays, but that is unfortunately all it is…