Theatre Review: Dancing Queen – New Wimbledon Theatre

Dancing Queen
New Wimbledon Theatre 

Tuesday 17th April: The curtain rises, the bright lights come on and you are greeted by a small group of dancers who gradually increase in number. The dancers open up to reveal the four main singers on the stage and they perform the first song of the night ‘Dancing Queen’.

If you have not guessed it already, Abba is the main focus of the night.

The group of four go on to sing many popular songs by the Swedish band, sometimes as a duo and occasionally with the support from fellow cast members.

They also perform short renditions of other popular songs from the 70s including a ‘Glam Rock Medley’ and ‘Solid Gold Motown’.

The show is full of bright lights, flashy clothes, and happy smiling faces – not unlike some holiday camps.

The four main singers are Jennifer Harding, Aston Dobson, Simon Bulley and Jessica Parker, all of whom perform well and catch the audience’s attention.

My favourite song of the night was ‘The Winner Takes it All’ and was performed by Harding, who, in my opinion, is the strongest singer.

The costumes, designed by Heather Davis, were an interesting mix. Almost with each song came a costume change. It was co-ordinated well, though some of the outfits left very little to the imagination.

Alan Harding, the director and choreographer, did a good job but some of the dancers let him down with their timing as on a few occasions they were out of sync with each other.

Apart from the few synchronising issues the dancers were impressive with their flexibility and ability in varying forms of dance, which includes Irish dancing.

If you love Abba and music from the 70s, you will enjoy Dancing Queen. It is, what some might call, an acquired taste but if you are up for a laugh and a bit of singing and dancing then the show is for you. There is great audience participation and I could not help but notice there were a few hen party groups in the audience. 

Review by Unsa Chaudri

Dancing Queen
New Wimbledon Theatre

Until Saturday 21st April