Ticketing Mayhem: Fans go Gaga over the Lady

Ticketing Mayhem: Fans go Gaga over the Lady

When Lady Gaga Tickets were released for her Born this Way tour, she achieved unbelievable success selling out one venue within 20 minutes. Lady Gaga whose star barometer has hit overload in recent years, is planning on astounding audiences across Britain in the next few months with her clever dance-pop songs.  The hypnotic and slightly sinister way she looks and dresses is something that has captivated the nation. 

The lady is sometimes glam and outlandish and sometimes an enigma, her songs seem to speak to a generation of post-MTV Gen Y'ers. According to Gaga herself, 'The Born This Way Ball will be an electro-metal pop-opera; the tale of the beginning, the genesis of the Kingdom of Fame. How we were birthed and how we will die celebrating'.  A slightly enigmatic statement if ever there was one. The Darkness will support Lady Gaga for her European tour with Lady Starlight joining her for the Pacific shows in Australia and New Zealand.  Be prepared for a mind-blowing sensory overload, everything we have come to expect from Gaga.  

There have been plenty of other acts in the UK who have achieved excellent levels of success  with ticket sales. Take That's reunion tour got into the Guinness Book of Records for 2011.  They managed to sell out the biggest live tour in UK and Irish history.  Fans of the 90's crooners came out of the woodwork, crashing vendor websites and swamping the entire BT telephone network and smashing records with first-day and weekend sales. Overall, 600,000 tickets for their 2009 tour sold out within five hours of going on sale on 31 October

In terms of concert ticket total value, Robbie Williams pipped Gaga and Take That at the post.  His concerts in 2006 sold 1.6 million tickets, valued at £80 million (US$142,825,258.47) within the first 24 hours of them going on sale. He's a very rich and talented man as everyone knows. 

No doubt it's the backing of an entire army of promotional staff, excellent PR and media coverage and record company backing that gets bands and music artists into that epic star stratosphere. When punters get stuck for tickets, they can always camp out the old fashioned way at the ticket booth. A ticket seller at a window won't freeze or crash at the crucial moment of purchase anyway but it does take a bit more effort than just sitting at your computer screen waiting for the moment of excitement when you succeed!#