Gig Review: The Slow Show - St Giles In The Field Church, London

St Giles In The Field Church, London 

Thursday 3rd May: The Slow Show are a recently formed band hailing from Manchester. The band consists of five members Robert Goodwin (vocals, guitar), Frederik ‘t Kindt (keys, producer), Christopher Hough (drums), James Longden (bass), and Joel Byrne-McCullough (guitar). It’s hard to describe their sound, there isn’t a particular genre that these guys fit perfectly into, they are described as American alt-rock with a distinctive northern twist. They have an EP out at the moment available for download ‘Midnight Waltz’ and another EP coming out soon titled ‘Brother’. They recently supported ‘Elbow’ at Manchester Cathedral.

The Slow Show enter the church, which has drawn a crowd of around 100 people; the venue is small so the turnout has almost filled the church. They are also followed by a brass section and a guest female vocalist. The band was introduced by the bands manager, ‘I’m a firm believer that great music speaks for itself’, and this was definitely the case. There are no signs of pretentiousness, it feels very humble and Robert is very appreciative of the crowd.

The set had a mix of songs from ‘Midnight Waltz’ and some of the new material that is to be released. The first song to be played was ‘Mr Blue Tie’ a beautiful piece of music with lyrics to match. Next was the new song ‘Brother’ it begins with a melancholic piano and violin, the voice from the lead singer Robert provides an edge to the track. Robert’s voice is memorising, for such a young guy it’s over-whelming in richness and depth, it is addictive, reminded me of a young Johnny Cash on Hurt.

Next was a song called ‘This Is How I Know’ an easy track, a perfect example of an Americana track but with a certain difference, that I feel comes from the northern British twist.

God Only Knows’ was an appropriate song to be played in such a beautiful venue, the church was really beautiful, the music and vocals from Robert fill the church. Robert puts it perfectly ‘this is where music should be played’. From the same EP was ‘Dirty Little Secrets’, this song gives the crowd another reason to buy the EP that is to be released.

Falling Slow’ was another song from the ‘Midnight Waltz’ EP, another beautiful song, showing the talent that this group have. ‘Northern Town’ have lyrics that talk about their love for where they are from, with lyrics like ‘Northern town/ you never let me down/ do you?/ The sights and sounds/ of a northern town/ have always been so good to me,’ a beautiful song.

The Slow Show did a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Born To Run’, fitted the sound of the group perfectly, a great cover. They ended their 11 song set with ‘Morning Hours’ which has received radio air time, the song was a great way to end the show. A simple ‘Thanks so much’ from Robert ended a great gig.

You get the idea that they are generally a great group of people, who are happy that people are listening to their music, a great band to see live, they are different, which is refreshing, I believe The Slow Show are one to watch.

Review by Christina Benneworth

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