Review: Chris Cox 'Fatal Distraction' - E4 Udderbelly, Southbank, London ✭✭✭✭

E4 Udderbelly, Southbank, London

29th May 2012: Chris Cox, critically acclaimed comedian/musician is currently performing at this year’s popular Udderbelly Festival on the Southbank, as well as previously performing at 5 Edinburgh Fringe shows, 4 UK Tours and 3 West End shows.

Once inside the iconic upside-down cow the audience is immediately greeted with an array of items onstage, including painting easel, a bookcase full of objects and a large screen in which instructions are displayed. Ushers are handing out slips of paper in which audience members are asked to write down instructions for Chris. I.e. give someone a tap on the paper. This was immediately intriguing and created a buzzing atmosphere to kick-start the show.

A feeling of excitement and anxiety (it was clear that a lot of audience participation would be involved throughout the 60 minute show) gripped the audience as Chris launched into his reenactment of how he met his last girlfriend. With his fast paced, witty dialogue Chris communicated well to the audience and I soon felt enthralled by his light humor and quirkiness. Using projected images along with various props, Chris uses the story of a past love affair as a running theme throughout the show and the tricks are cleverly mastered around this story.

The first audience encounter arrived when Chris asked for 3 members of the audience to draw an image on the paper pad provided. He could not see what they were drawing as he was separated by a screen, and with comedy, this involved encouraging the audience to hum along with the audience member who was drawing and magic guessed and recreated what he thought they had drawn. To the audiences surprise and amazement he got all three correct. More audience involvement carried on throughout the production however Chris stated himself that he doesn’t want his tricks retold, so you will have to go and see for yourself the way in which he read peoples minds! Badges reading ‘I Love Cox’ were handed out to audience members who participated which I thought was a nice touch as a few of them did look terrified!

Although reminiscent of Derren Brown, Chris’s magic tricks were clever and spell binding. Using persuasion and subtle suggestion Chris manipulated the audience’s decision making and in turn created an extremely entertaining and funny performance. The show was ideal for some light, after work comedy and definitely something I would see again. I am not surprised that Chris Cox has already received such a positive reaction as his entertainment is fresh, funny and highly entertaining. I left the show questioning just how he did it?! A must see!  ✭✭✭✭

Review by Camilla Marlow

Listing Information:

19/06/12 Udderbelly, At Southbank Centre
20/06/12 London- priceless London underground

BOX OFFICE: 0844 545 8282

Price: £12.50