Review: The Supreme Fabulettes – Madame JoJo’s, London

The Supreme Fabulettes
 Madame JoJo’s 

Wednesday 16th May
Mary Mac, Vicky Vivacious and Vanilla Lush; the names of three different shades of lipstick or the ‘next big thing in sophisticated entertainment’?

Mary, Vicky and Vanilla are drag artists who have come together to form the group called The Supreme Fabulettes, which is a parody of The Supremes.

True to the Supremes they base their songs on Motown classics, including hits like Baby Love and Where Did Our Love Go? But they are not limited to songs of the 1960s; they also perform modern songs with a twist, an example of which is Vanilla Lush’s take on Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

The vocal performance of the group is a credit to Terry Ronald, the vocal arranger. The trio sing in harmony and complement each other very well. 

They are also a credit to Katie Ella Hardwick who contributed to the choreography. It is clear to see they have all worked hard to emulate the artists they portray and they pull it off seemingly effortlessly.

The outfits worn by the Supreme Fabulettes are customised, bright and full of sequins, apt for the Motown look.

The show was comical, fun, light-hearted and professional; there was nothing amateur about the production and I would recommend to all, especially those who have yet to experience any drag queen acts.

The only downside is that at 30 minutes long, they leave you wanting more. Perhaps the Supreme Fabulettes truly are ‘the next big thing...’

Review by Unsa Chaudri

The Supreme Fabulettes

Miss Mary Mac
Miss Vicki Vivacious
Miss Vanilla Lush

Vocal Arrangements - Terry Ronald
Musical Arrangements - John Themis
Choreography - Katie Ella Hardwick
Producer - Walt Utz