Gig Review: Josh Osho - Jazz Café, London ✭✭✭✭

Josh Osho
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Jazz Café, London

Monday 25th June: At London’s famous Jazz Café last night was Josh Osho’s first headline gig. It’s been a long time coming and over the past year, this South London singer is definitely starting to get the credit he deserves. This gig was all about Josh, and the celebration of his new debut album ‘L.I.F.E (Learning Is For Ever)’.

The crowd was warmed up by BBC 1extra’s CJ Beatz, awesome DJ, great way to get the night going. The first support act to entertain the sold out Jazz Café was Rax, a South London rapper, he performed 5 songs. My favourite had to be ‘Up In Da Clouds’, which features Andrae Melody Palmer, he possesses a creative and witty flow. Rax’s mixtape’s are available for download ( The final support act was Marcus Bonfanti; he brings the sound of North London blues, talented guy, great voice, and crazy on the guitar.

At around 9pm, it was time for the artist everyone had come to see -  Josh. The first song to kick off his set was ‘Ebenezer Hotel’, the bluesy song about his time spent living in a half way house. ‘Footprints’ was the next song, such a catchy song, it has an African drum-patterned background, and the lyrics send a message ‘I will learn from the footsteps in my life, each imprint left behind’.

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‘I want more energy! Didn’t sleep last night, I was so excited,’ was the first thing to be said. Josh made it clear to us at that point that he was going to be talking a lot as it was the first time he could talk, and he had every right to, it was his show. Josh was definitely enjoying every minute of this night.

‘Home For Your Birthday’; another great song, the infectious R&B song. Next taking it to a slow song was, ‘Wishing Well’, Josh went on to say that he had written this song ‘about all the people I love’.
Taking it even slower ‘SOS’, this is such a beautiful song, when looking around the audience all eyes were on Josh, it was hard to take your eyes off him. Another slow song was ‘Imperfections’, one of my favourite songs from the album; if you read my review on the album HERE, I mentioned that it’s a song you’d love Josh to perform to you personally, and I was right, I loved this performed live, made my night. The next two tracks were ‘Free Will’ and ‘Highlight Of My Day’.

After Highlight Of My Day, Josh started giving his thanks to everyone that had helped him on the journey and everyone joining in on the ride.

The two singles from the album were performed next ‘Giants’ and ‘Redemption Days’, hearing them live you know why they are singles. Crowd pleasers, this audience definitely knew the words.
Josh came on for an encore; and it happened to be the first song I’d ever heard from Josh, a cover of Kanye West’s Jesus Walks’, the first time he has ever done it in front of a live audience. He uses a loop panel to make all the music, a completely different version to the original. This song shows you that his talents never end.

I love watching Josh live, he brings a certain energy in to every song, he can make the way you’re feeling change just by singing; I was inspired, happy and then sad all in one night. When I reviewed the album ‘L.I.F.E’, it was obviously an impressive album, but hearing your favourite songs off the album live, makes you realise just how great the album is and how great Josh is as a live performer.

If you haven’t got that album I suggest you get it, and if you can see him live you have to do that too.

4 stars out of 5 ✭✭✭✭

Review by Christina Benneworth

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Friday 6th July – Kew Gardens, London
Saturday 7th July – Wireless Festival, London
Newly added to the line up at T in the Park