Review: Liza Minnelli – Hampton Court Palace Festival ✭✭✭✭

Liza Minnelli 
Hampton Court Palace Festival

 Liza Minnelli, Liza Minnelli, that is Liza with a ‘zee’ not a ‘sssss’.

Thursday 14th June 2012: The 20th anniversary of the Hampton Court Palace festival was opened by the vivacious Liza Minnelli.

Not to be deterred by the rain that England is infamous for, Minnelli boldly took to the stage much to the delight of the crowd. Covered in plastic rainmacs and what looked like tin foil they cheered as Minnelli appeared with a huge smile across her face; who could not when welcomed by such warmth even when it is pouring down with rain. Liza clearly holds a dear place in her followers’ hearts.

Set in the courtyard of the 500 year old Palace, Minnelli made reference to King Henry VIII with an ‘off with her head’ remark before she attempted a difficult note.

Due to her personal battles and illnesses Minnelli may not be the singer she once was but she has not lost her showbiz talent. She is a lady who knows how to work an audience and moves with such flair and poise.

The crowd were treated to stories from her past as before each song Minnelli gave a short introduction telling us about her life or inspiration behind the song. She wowed the audience with songs such as Cabaret, New York New York, Maybe This Time and On Such a Night as This.

She even gave a reminiscent theatrical performance of My Own Best Friend, taken from the Broadway musical Chicago, where she stepped into the shoes of Roxie Hart in 1975.

Minnelli was joined at Hampton Court by a wonderful band, which included Billy Stritch on Piano and the whole show, with the lighting, the music and those vibrant moves was something many can only dream about – She’s still got it!

4 out of 5 stars ✭✭✭✭

Review by Unsa Chaudri