Gig Review: Will Young - Kew the Music ✭✭✭✭✭

Will Young
Photo: WENN
Kew the Music

Saturday 7th July: A typically rain soaked British Summer's evening didn't spoil my enjoyment of this quite frankly brilliant concert in the settings of Kew Gardens.

Nerina Pallot was special guest for the evening, doing a lovely set on guitar and piano with her wonderful vocals soaring over the drenched audience. With a 3 piece band on guitars, drums and bass, the audience were loving every minute of it, with songs such as Put Your Hands Up and Butterfly particular favourites.

A short break afterwards to change the backline, and it was time for the very impressive Will Young. It doesn't seem like 10 years ago since he won the first Pop Idol, and since then he has become a multi-platinum superstar. And quite rightly so.

Will has a great rapport with the crowd, making sure he is seen by all, standing on speakers either side of the stage, jumping down off the stage with the cameras, and even hoping to get out into the arena to see those at the back! Backed by a full band of drums, 2 keyboard players, bass, guitar and 3 backing vocals, the sound was immense, raw and punchy.

With hit after hit being belted out in the rain, Will's voice was the the best I have heard it yet. Changes, Your Game, Leave Right Now and Light My Fire proving to be huge crowd pleasers, and I loved every minute of it.

There were lots of clothes hung up as a backdrop, of which Will went up some metal stairs to go and pick some off and change his shirt in view of the audience, delighting his myriad of fans. He even started throwing out his suit jacket into the crowd.

Will is a fantastic entertainer, his songs are great to listen to and sing along to, and the setting of  Kew The Music makes it even more special. One of the best gigs so far this Summer.

5 out of 5 stars ✭✭✭✭✭