Review: The Kist - Oran Mor, Glasgow ✭✭✭

As Scotland readies for the Year of Homecoming in 2014, the Independence referendum and with Disney Pixar's Brave opening next weekend, there's a renewed interest in Scotland and what it means to be Scottish.

This summer in Glasgow's Oran Mor, Fiona Kennedy's new production The Kist taps into our unique heritage and brings it to life creating an experience of Scotland's past woven together in a rich tapestry of song, poetry, the words of our well-kent ancestors and the quieter family histories that tell of the struggle to adjust in the New World whether it's America, Canada or, for some, Scotland.

It would be easy to overlook the diversity and multi-culturalism of Scotland in 2012 to focus on the experience of our own history as immigrants but The Kist also pays homage to the migrants who have helped build modern Scotland.

Directed by John Bett, the show brings to mind the local community gathering at an occasion to share stories of their history, news and reminds us how letters were relied on for news passing to / from the old and new worlds of migrant Scots. Modern communication and romance is wittily sent up "Text ye & she'll get back to you my lad" which begs the question where would Robert Burns be if he was alive today? I'm not convinced 140 characters on Twitter would do him justice.

With well-kent traditional songs and contemporary music there is something for all the family in this production. Fiona Kennedy leads the talented cast starring George Drennan, James Muldoon, Rachel Oates, special guest Sophie Kennedy-Clark and featuring future stars from JazzArtUK as well as the incredible 10 year old Ruairidh Macdonald. Their soaring voices bring Scottish history to life with much of the audience clapping their hands and tapping their feet.

Catch this wonderful slice of Scottish heritage at Oran Mor, Glasgow before the kist is packed up again on Sunday 5th August.

Thurs 26 – Sat 28 July at 7.45pm
Sun 29 July at 3pm
Thurs 2 – Sat 4 August at 7.45pm
Sun 5 August at 3pm
Tickets: £15 / Sunday concessions are available: OAP £12, children under 16, £8.

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