Theatre Review: Derren Brown - Svengali - Novello Theatre London ✭✭✭✭✭

Tuesday 17th July 2012: I've already put a date at the start of this review, could this be something to do with Derren Brown's mind playing tricks with us, or does it have no significance at all? Well there is only one way to find out, and thats to go and see for yourself as Svengali is mind numbingly brilliant.

The thing with Derren Brown is that he is very clever at what he does, reading minds, body language, talking you into things you wouldn't normally do, and the audience proved last night that they were up to this and took part in an evening of unrivalled entertainment.

From a version of Russian Roulette to spilling out confessions from audience members, Svengali - an automaton figure with a devilish look - somehow deciphering various things, and Derren showing his artistic skills and humour are just some of the things you have to look forward to in this show.

I'm not giving anything away here, this is one of those shows where you just have to go and see for yourself. Gripping entertainment from the Olivier and BAFTA award winning Derren Brown.

5 out of 5 stars ✭✭✭✭✭

Listings info

Novello Theatre
Aldwych , London WC2B 4LD

July 12th to Aug 11 2012
6 shows per week

Prices  £16-£51 plus booking fees where applicable

Bookings:  0844 4825170

Performance times:  7-30pm:

Director: Polly Findlay

Designer:  Will Bowen

Lighting Design:  Matt Eagland

Sound Design:  Colin Pink

General Manager: John Dalston

The performance is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.