Fringe Review: EastEnd Cabaret - Underbelly, Cowgate ✭✭✭✭

Come to the EastEnd Cabaret, old chum. Come taste the Rhine with your wunderbar Weimar hosts; come hear the one-man band play his accordion and piano and saw and kazoo; come blow your horn... Write your own pun for that one, won't you?

Bernadette Byrne and Victor Victoria, the surprise smashes of last year's Free Fringe, have moved on to pastures new and this year graduated to the Underbelly on Cowgate. "Notoriously Kinky" builds on the success of last year's show, reprising the dirty ditties that made them famous and fleshing out the characters with new material.

EastEnd Cabaret's witty and wanton music captures the noise of the old world and the sexual freedom of the new. These sharp, shocking and musically accomplished numbers are the late-night spirit of the Fringe.

The pair work together beautifully as comic duo. A study in Stockholm Syndrome, the fractious dynamic between the two is as endearing as it is engaging. Whilst there are undoubtedly moments where the pace should be quickened, the duo have produced an endlessly surprising showcase of scandal.

Dietrich would die if she knew what went on between the music sheets of EastEnd cabaret. EastEnd Cabaret have created a fabulous and filthy night of darkly sordid songs that will leave you clutching your pearls and biting your lip. Jaw-achingly funny character comedy.

Review by Scott Purvis

Until 26th August at Underbelly, Cowgate
Tickets: £11.00 (Concessions £10)