Gig Review: Jessie J - Camden Roundhouse, London ✭✭✭✭✭

Jessie J
Camden Roundhouse

Saturday 4th August 2012: Jessie J was appeared on stage looking fantastic in a sassy and glitzy gold dress and trainers and got a very welcome response from the audience in the packed out Roundhouse.

The first song of the evening was Do It Like A Dude. Jessie had a good stage presence and really worked both the stage and her audience. Her second song was more upbeat but the words were difficult to hear due to the microphone being turned up too loud. Jessie even requested that it should be turned down in addition to the smoke machine as it was also becoming too foggy.

One of her next songs was Rainbow. The effects were certainly complementing the song as rainbow-coloured lighting circled the performance space. Jessie then dedicated a speech to the Olympics and really made the crowd feel proud to be hosting the event in London.

One of my favourite songs of the evening was a cover of Luther Vandross’ Never too much that led into Abracadabra. It had an eighties vibe but with a modern twist.
It was great that Jessie allowed all her band members to do a little solo mix as she introduced them all and it was nice to see her appreciating their talent.

Laserlight was another definite crowd pleaser which got the whole of the crowd jumping as lasers bounced off the walls of the space.
One of the last songs of the set was the chart-topping Domino. You could not help being part of the contagious atmosphere as fans sung and danced along.
The evening closed with and encore of Fireworks. This was also a crowd pleaser and ended with a shower of confetti falling from the ceiling.

Overall, Jessie J’s live performance was very powerful, energetic and flirtatious. She certainly ticks all the boxes of a diva and talented vocal artist.

5 stars ✭✭✭✭✭

Review by Vicky Wakley