KIN at the Playhouse on the Fringe

After receiving outstanding reviews over the last twelve months, Donna Rutherford’s acclaimed production - KIN - comes to The Playhouse on the Fringe as part of this year’s Made in Scotland 2012 programme.

KIN explores the fear, sorrow, anger, guilt and frustration – but also the love, trust and laughter to be found as middle-aged children negotiate the changes in their relationships with parents. In moving close-ups, performers reveal to camera concerns of their own aging while dealing with their parent’s increasingly glacial pace of life.

Performers Cathy Naden and Claire Marshall (Forced Entertainment), Richard Gregory (Quarantine), Tim Ingram (Reckless Sleepers), along with award-winning actor and director, Alison Peebles are linked during a live performance by Donna Rutherford.

As the passage of time speeds up, the future and its inevitable deteriorations get closer.  Just as you become slower at everything you do, take longer to do the simplest things, you find yourself hurtling downhill with no brakes.

View a short clip here:

Until 27th August at The Playhouse on the Fringe (Venue: 59a)  
18-22 Greenside Place, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 3AA     
Tickets £10/£8