Glee Season 3 available on Blu-ray and DVD 17th September 2012

Glee Season 3


It’s a proud moment for the guys and girls of the New Directions Glee club as they face what might be their final curtain and ready themselves for graduation when Glee: Season 3 comes to Blu-ray and DVD on 17 September, 2012 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

With the seniors seemingly reaching the end of their time in Glee Club this season, the pressure is really on for the New Directions to finally win at Nationals, as well as for each individual chasing their own future path. Indeed, Glee: Season 3 is packed full of more drama, anticipation and thrills than ever before with a raft of fantastic storylines and more than a smattering of controversy!

As has become the norm from this show-stopping series, Glee attracts the biggest stars and Season 3 is no different, with cameos from Whoopi Goldberg, Ricky Martin and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. On top of that, the show’s trademark tribute episodes go from strength to strength, which this season paying homage to Whitney Houston, Saturday Night Fever and the music of Michael Jackson.

Glee Season 3 also sees the introduction of homegrown talent Damian McGinty, who debuts as Irish exchange student Rory Flanangan in the episode ‘Pot o’ Gold’, having won his place on the smash hit show through the hit TV series The Glee Project. And with Rachel and Kurt losing their respective virginity and Mr Schu proposing in style, it’s another packed curriculum at McKinley High!

What’s more, this year sees the entire season being released in one volume for the first time and it comes packed with a host of brilliant extra features including a Glee Under the Stars Q&A Event, Deleted Scenes, Booty Camp with Harry Shum Jr. and a special fan address from the ever-acerbic Sue Sylvester.

So don’t miss your own chance to shine this autumn as Glee: Season 3 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD from Twentieth Century Fox. Glee Seasons 1 – 3 will also be available as a DVD box-set this September.

· Blu-ray & DVD Special features:

· Glee Under the Stars Q&A Event

· Sue Addresses Her Fans

· Santana’s Santa Baby – Music Video

· Welcome to the Class, Booty Camp with Harry Shum Jr

· Glee Give a Note

· Making the Finale

· More Sue’s Quips

· Glee Music Jukebox

· Deleted scenes