Movie Review: Stitches ✭✭✭ (Released 26th October 2012)


Release Date: 26th October 2012 

Stitches an over the top horror-comedy filled with all kinds of laughs and ‘splattery’ gore.

The film is directed by the unique and original Irish film maker, Conor McMahan. He made his first feature film in 2004, a low budget zombie horror-comedy ‘Dead Meat.’

Starring Ross Noble in his first big screen debut, he plays a shabby foul-mouthed clown, called Stitches Grindle. A filthy clown with outdated party tricks, he attends a casual day entertaining young child Tommy's birthday party. The kids soon become uninterested and Stitches ends up fatally FALLING into the young bratz own practical joke.

Years later the now grown up rebellious teenagers prepare for Tommy’s 16th birthday party only to relive an uninvited zombified Stitches. Tommy, the birthday boy, is played by Tommy Knight (starred in Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures spin off), who gives a shallow performance. Also containing mediocre acting are Tommy’s close friends, this only enriches the fact that teen roles in 18 rated films are lacking in entertainment.

The film has many gory adult jokes, only to be mildly let down by the younger cast. For me personally Ross Noble saves the day, giving excellent comedic life, but unfortunately unjustified screen time. I thoroughly enjoyed the largely over exaggerated gore, perfectly balanced ‘splattery’ prosthetics and minimal CGI.

All in all it stands to be a good film with excellent visual effects. For those into comedy-horror; if you see this film, you’re going to be satisfied with the level of gore.

3 stars out of 5 ✭✭✭

Review by Shannon Emile