Theatre Review: 9 to 5 - Edinburgh Playhouse ✭✭✭✭

It's been over 30 years since Dolly Parton starred as Doralee Rhodes in the movie 9 to 5 and now its come to life as a stage musical which opened at the Edinburgh Playhouse this week.

The show begins with the sound of the well-known notes of 9 To 5, along with a large clock face where Dolly Parton makes a video appearance and plays the role of the narrator, which is warmly welcomed by the enthusiastic audience.

9 To 5 tells the tale of three women in the late 1970s working in the office of Consolidate Companies. Similar to many workplaces during this time, it's dominated by men who receive higher salaries and job promotions over the female employees.

Ben Richards as Franklyn J Hart certainly captures the overly confident and chauvinistic boss, who gets taught an overdue lesson by Violet Newstead (Jackie Clune), Judy Bernley (Natalie Casey) and Doralee Rhodes (Amy Lennox). Richards fits the role of Mr Hart and demonstrates his talent during Here for You and Heart to Hart.  

The trio gel brilliantly together and reflect the original characters complete with voluminous haircuts. Violet is confident and understands how the office is run, compared to recently divorced Judy, who is quite timid. Lennox as country gal, Doralee, is feisty with strong vocals and witty one liners. 

The show is filled with comical moments that keep the audience entertained throughout, particularly the characters of Bernley, Roz Keith (Bonnie Langford) and Margaret (Lori Haley Fox). Langford is amazing during Heart to Hart as she fantasises about expressing her love to Mr Hart with powerful vocals and a fast-paced dance routine. 

The finale treats the audience to 9 To 5 with Dolly Parton on video, which offers the keen audience the chance to sing along.   

With lots of energy, humour and catchy songs, the three women take the audience through the journey of working 9 to 5 in an office, where they confront, not only Mr Hart and teach him a well-deserved lesson, but also their individual problems. 

Review by Mhairi Greer

9 to 5 is at the Edinburgh Playhouse until 1st December. For more information and tickets visit