Coolest song in the world? Bruce Springsteen's guitarist Little Steven thinks so - THE BAYONETS 'Sucker For Love'

The Bayonets

 Announce Debut Single 
‘Sucker For Love (Little Steven Edit)’ 
Out March 26th 

Being dubbed the ‘Coolest Song In The World’ by Little Steven is quite an accolade, having the guitarist from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and one of the stars of the smash hit American TV show The Sopranos do a radio edit of your track because he loves it so much is quite another thing... 

This is the situation The Bayonets - Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber, with a revolving cast of characters including, Lucrecia Lopes Sanz, Davey Faragher and Adam MacDougall- find themselves in with their brand new track ‘Sucker For Love’, which will be officially released on March 26th. With a brand new video for the track here. 

The band had already embarked on their ‘string of singles’ campaign when Miami Steve Van Zandt got in touch to say he wanted to support the track. The former Soprano’s man picked up on the song when his wife played it to him on Valentines Day. He reached out to the band the next day and offered them maximum airplay on ‘Little Steven’s Underground Garage’ found on US radio network SiriusXM. 

Lead guitarist and vocalist Brian Ray is no stranger to the spotlight, he is an award winning singer and musician, best known for being the ultimate sideman guitarist and bassist for Paul McCartney. Brian has toured the world, playing to millions of people including Kings, Queens and Presidents. On touring with Paul, Brian said “Playing alongside Paul McCartney is a privilege beyond description.” Brian has also played with Etta James for 14 years not to mention releasing two solo albums ‘Mondo Magneto’ in 2005 and ‘This Way Up’ in 2010. 

Drummer and co-writer Oliver Leiber also has incredible rock’n’roll pedigree. He is the son of the late great Jerry Leiber of Leiber and Stoller fame, the men behind some of the biggest songs of all time, including ‘Jailhouse Rock’, ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Stand By Me’ to name just a few. 

‘Sucker For Love’ is just the start for The Bayonets, a new single is expected in July with more news to follow shortly.