DVD Review: Comedown ✭✭✭ (Released 11th March)

Out on DVD 11th March
Review by Christina Benneworth

Lloyd (Anderson) is fresh out of prison and keen to stay out if trouble, for the sake of his pregnant girlfriend Jemma (Stuckey). However the lure of fast cash proves too much to resist, so Lloyd and five friends take on the job to rig a pirate radio station aerial in a deserted tower block.

After setting up the aerial its clear Lloyd's friends want to party. Things start to get out of control when Jemma goes missing and the group come to realise they are not alone. They are then picked off one by one, each death more gruesome and savage by a resident psychopath bent on revenge.

Comedown is a watchable movie, Menhaj does a great job at keeping you in suspense; especially when it comes to the actual killings, however it's not another Kidulthood so don't expect it. Adam Deacon is in another similar role, it looks like he has definitely found his niche, however it is a shame he can’t branch out as he is a great actor. You don't really connect with any of the characters on a personal level, (spoiler) so you don't really feel bad when they eventually die.

The psychopath has a Saw like feel about him, and if you're a tad squeamish this might not be a great film for you to watch, however I definitely feel if you like these types of movies and you're a fan of Menhaj, then definitely consider purchasing this DVD.

I definitely didn’t hate this movie but I didn’t love it either, with great cinematography, stunning shots of the London skyline, grotesque practical effects, all brought together with some very good acting.

3 stars ✭✭✭

Director: Menhaj Huda

Starring: Jacob Anderson, Sophie Stuckey, Adam Deacon, Jessica Barden, Calum MacNab, Duane Henry, Geoff Bell,

Running Time: 90 Minutes

Certificate: 15

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Extended Interviews