Theatre Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Edinburgh Playhouse ✭✭✭✭✭

Review by Mhairi Greer
On a wintery evening the audience gathered outside the Edinburgh Playhouse for the opening night of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Some members were wrapped up in coats and scarves, others embraced the sub temperatures and dared to bare some flesh in fish net tights, corsets and even bravely sporting Rocky’s infamous gold hot pants!

The Narrator (Philip Franks) worked well with the excitable and 'well informed' audience, as they heckled him throughout the show. He appeared to enjoy the banter responding quickly witty one liners. So much so that he flashed his legs in tights and high heels during the finale.

After much antici….pation, Frank-N-Furter (Oliver Thornton) burst onto the stage already possessing rock star status, who the audience adored. Although Thornton had a particularly challenging role to fulfil, which will forever be compared with Tim Curry, he made the character his own, while capturing Frank-N-Furter’s flamboyant and decadent lifestyle. Thornton dominated the stage with comical and often crude lines, along with strong vocals.

Riff Raff (Kristian Lavercombe), Columbia (Ceris Hine) and Magenta (Abigail Jaye), along with the rest of the Transylvanians made a great combination and worked well to create the sheer madness and chaos of Frank-N-Furter’s Place, in particular the scene with Dr Scott (Joel Montague). Rhydian captured the cave man like nature of Rocky and offered a strong vocal performance, while flaunting his super toned and tangerine coloured fake tanned body.

Although Frank-N-Furter owned the show, Sam Attwater and Roxanne Pallett excelled in the roles of Brad and Janet. The straight-laced couple responded to the occasional heckle from the audience and each delivered powerful vocals. However, the couple also reveals a frisky side when Frank-N-Furter sneaks into their bedroom…

As this is the 40th anniversary production, the set and finale lacked the wow factor. The blue foil curtain didn’t really reflect the action on the stage or Frank-N-Furter’s extravagant lifestyle.   

In spite of this, The Rocky Horror Picture Show remains a guaranteed seat-filler with a great mix of songs, including Dammit Janet and the timeless classic The Time-Warp. The show continues to draw in audiences of all ages, as well as entertain its avid fans.  

Rocky Horror is at the Edinburgh Playhouse until 16th March