Review: Zippos Circus presents Carnaval - Figge's Marsh, Mitcham, London ✭✭✭✭

Zippos Circus

Review by Christina Benneworth

Monday 6th May – For 2013, Zippos Circus presents Carnaval, a colourful and action-packed two hours of high energy acts from across the Globe. The jam packed show includes an exciting new line-up of brand new acts. Carnaval is hosted by the one and only, world renowned ringmaster, Norman Barrett MBE and his world famous budgies!

If anything is going to turn you in to a kid again, it is the circus. Zippos Circus has the wonderful gift of taking you back to your childhood, making you excited about popcorn, candyfloss and acts that you wouldn’t see anywhere else apart from at the circus.

With a collection of new acts, if you have already been to Zippos Circus, you will see something new. Some are mentioned below.

All the way from Cuba is the Havana Troupe, a group of aerial acrobats that swing, flip, somersault through the air. The Havana Troupe was a great act that provided some heart stopping moments, incredible display of talent.

With a new equestrian riding act; Nicky De Neuman, we were given a beautiful display of horse riding. She had a collection of different horses, who were incredibly well trained, with traditional ticks that you expect to see from an equestrian act, but still extremely impressive.

The Ukrainian strongman Hercules, this act was unbelievable, you will not believe how strong this guy is. At one point he is lifting 5 people and then it gets even crazier when he has a truck ride over him. I’m undecided about whether this guy is awesome or just plain crazy.

Zippo’s star act for its 2013 Carnaval tour is the Brazilian Lucius Team in their Globe of Death, and for the first time ever in the UK, it is not the usual three that are entering the tiny metal globe but four daredevil motorbike stunt riders zoom around the globe at 60MPH within millimetres of each other. When they say you have to see it to believe it, they are not joking.

If Zippos Circus is coming to a park near you, I suggest you either go with your family or take a friend and head down to the circus. Remember, “You are never too old or too young or too cool for the circus.”

4 stars ✭✭✭✭

Listings Information

7th May – Figge’s Marsh, Mitcham – 6pm
9th May – 14th May – Barking Road Recreation Ground, East Ham
16th May – 21st May – The Fairfield, Kingston
23rd May – 28th May – Beddington Park, Wallington
30th May – 2nd June – The Pavilion, Perry Barrl, Birmingham