Following an impressive 4 night debut in 2012, Banana Cabaret’s Balham Comedy Festival supported by Wandsworth Council is back for 2013 – bigger and better, and double the size, with 8 nights of the best of comedy talent out in force at The Bedford in Balham from 5 – 13 July. With top names still being added to the bill including Lee Mack who will join The Best of Banana Cabaret line up on 13 July, this year’s Festival will kick off with Lee Nelson and Milton Jones with shows in The Bedford’s legendary Round Room on Friday 5 July. This year’s Festival will also include adult and children’s comedy workshops led by John Moloney and Adam Bloom on the 6 and 7 July at 2.30pm.
Tickets for the shows, which range in price from £10.00 - £16.00 per show with a special 2 shows in The Round Room for £30.00 and can be purchased from , and

In addition to Lee Nelson and Milton Jones, there will be shows from a roll call of top comedy talent including Terry Alderton, Stephen K Amos, Mary Bourke, Marcus Brigstocke, Jo Caulfield, Carl Donnelly, Tania Edwards, Jeremy Hardy, John Hegley, Tony Law, Mick Miller, Al Murray, Sara Pascoe, Lucy Porter, Mark Steel, Mark Thomas, and Henning Wehn at Banana Cabaret’s pre-Edinburgh Balham Comedy Festival 2013.

The individual performances in The Bedford’s Round Room, Ballroom and Tavistock Room will be complemented by several performances from The Best of Banana Cabaret whose multi-talented line ups will include Banana favourites Prince Abdi, Andrew Bird, John Fothergill, Kerry Godliman, Dave Fulton, Pierre Hollins, Jeff Innocent, Zoe Lyons, Lee Mack, Roger Monkhouse, Phil Nichol, Ian Stone and Gavin Webster. 

Banana Cabaret at The Bedford in Balham, one of the capital’s premier comedy clubs, has been run by Dave Vickers for more than 29 years and has served as a launch pad for many of today’s household comedy names. The launch of the Balham Comedy Festival in 2012 gives those comedians a chance to return to their roots.

The 2013 Balham Comedy Festival, is being co-produced by Dave Vickers and legendary comic John Moloney, who will also be festival compere. Audiences will have the chance to see a mix of performances including Edinburgh previews from some of the greatest names in comedy along with some stellar line-ups for The Best of Banana Cabaret. Edinburgh previews and work in development can be seen from Lee Nelson, Mark Thomas, Marcus Brigstocke, Lucy Porter, Mary Bourke and Tania Edwards


· 2 x Round Room Performances £30.00 Concs £25.00

Milton Jones - The Round Room, 8.00 pm: On the High Road - If you like the stuff he’s done on Mock the Week, Live at the Apollo or in any of the nine radio series he’s done for Radio 4 then this is the show for you. Hundreds of his celebrated one-liners, plus pictures he drew. Clever, surreal but mainly just stupid stupid, stupid. He’s won awards you know! £16.00 Concs £13.00

Lee Nelson – The Round Room, 9.45 pm: Special Edinburgh Warm-up - strap yourself in for a night of unmissable entertainment with the irrepressible Nelson, who’ll be presenting his unique take on the world including his legendary audience interaction, with special guest appearances from Dr Bob, Jason Bent and others. £16.00 Concs £13.00

The Best of Banana Cabaret hosted by John Moloney – The Ballroom, 9.00pm: Zoe Lyons, John Fothergill and Andrew Bird will take over the reins for the night. Expect critically acclaimed comedian Zoe Lyons to deliver an energy packed performance combining the silly, physical and satirical; John Fothergill will perform his usual mix of beautiful crafted gags expressed with a confidence that only the truly self-deluded and hopelessly egotistical comedian could ever be happy to perform. Enjoy! And Andrew Bird will give a good dose of his honest observational storytelling £16.00 Concs £13.00

Stephen K. Amos – The Round Room, 8.00 pm: returning to the Balham Comedy Festival for its second year, Stephen K. Amos has charmed and entertained audiences all over the world with his natural, assured delivery and honest original material. Amos is filled with an almost child-like joy and exuberance and can find the funny in some of the most unexpected places. £16.00 Concs £13.00

Terry Alderton – The Round Room, 9.45 pm: Following his critically acclaimed smash hit Edinburgh shows and national tours in 2010, 2011 and 2012 award-winning comedian Terry Alderton is back on tour! The star of Michael McIntyre's Roadshow, Dave's One Night Stand, Let's Dance For Sport Relief and the Sun's 'Comedian Of The Year' is back with a brand new show. A spellbinding combination of noises, the voices, the shoes, incredible physicality and a mind-blowing insight into the inner workings of a fantastic comedy mind. £16.00 Concs £13.00

The Best of Banana Cabaret hosted by John Moloney – The Ballroom, 9.00 pm: Kerry Godliman, Gavin Webster and Dave Fulton will be the line up on Saturday. Kerry Godliman, a truly gifted comedian and actor, who recently appeared with Ricky Gervais in Derek and is currently playing Lacey Turner’s Mum in Our Girl has the ability to make the mundane hilarious; Gavin Webster, the most verbally schizophrenic act on the circuit will be treating the audience to sardonic jokes, dark observations, quick fire one liners and crash bang wallop five minute routines and Dave Fulton will be giving us some social and political stuff mixed with drinking! £16.00 Concs £13.00

John Hegley – The Round Room - 7.30 pm: John Hegley brings Peace, Love and Potatoes to Balham. As a mainstay of the British comedy scene for 2 decades, Hegley’s hilarious poetry sees him turn his thoughts to many diverse subjects such as his beloved Guillemots, Daleks, invisible hamsters and quackerjacks! £16.00 Concs £13.00

Mark Thomas, The Round Room – 9.30 pm: 100 Acts of Minor Dissent (Edinburgh work in development) Mark Thomas goes back to what he does best, mischief. The show is his quest to commit 100 Acts of Minor Dissent in the space of one year.....Subversive, funny, probably legal and occasionally inspiring. £16.00 Concs £13.00

Mary Bourke – The Tavistock Room – 9.00 pm: Muffragette (Edinburgh preview) - It's a show about feminism without all the boring preachy bits and it's also very funny too. £10.00 Concs £8.00


Jeremy Hardy – The Ballroom, 7.30 pm: Jeremy Hardy’s live show could be called an extravaganza were it not for the fact that nothing happens. He comes on, talks for a while and then goes off again. He doesn’t walk about. In fact ‘show’ is a bit of an overstatement. But he does say quite a lot, most of it coherent. And he means well, which is the main thing. Still alive and able to speak for lengthy periods, this will not be so much a one-man show as an understaffed cavalcade. £16.00 Concs £13.00

Mick Miller – The Ballroom, 9.30 pm: Making his debut at the Balham Comedy Festival this year Mick Miller brings his own brand of comedy with him. His unique outlook on life has taken him around the world but it is his 2012 Edinburgh Festival performance that he describes as a career landmark. No Mick Miller performance would be complete without his "Noddy" routine - a classic! £16.00 Concs £13.00

Sara Pascoe – The Tavistock Room 9.00 pm: Sara Pascoe vs The Truth (Edinburgh preview) Nothing in life is certain. Everything we believe is subjective. Evidence can be manipulated by predispositions and prejudices. You could just be a brain in a lab being stimulated by electrical impulses? Or, if each cell in your body is replaced over time, maybe you are not even you anymore, like the Sugababes? Sara has starred on BBC Live at the Apollo, C4 Stand Up for the Week and Live at the Comedy Store on Comedy Central. Despite all this, she cannot be absolutely sure that she exists. £10.00 Concs £8.00

Jo Caulfield – The Ballroom – 7.30 pm: Better The Devil You Know - Jo Caulfield The moment Jo Caulfield hits the stage you know you’re in for a good time and she returns to Balham with a celebration of anger delivering her latest list of things that piss her off. Star of Radio 4’s critically acclaimed ‘It’s That Jo Caulfield Again’ and recently seen on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, Mock The Week , Have I Got News for You, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Best of The Comedy Store, Jo Caulfield is one of the most popular and successful female comedians in the country. £13.00 Concs £11.00

Tony Law – The Ballroom – 9.30 pm: Nonsense Overdrive Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2012 and triple Chortle Award winner (2012/2013) Tony Law presents a work in progress of his new show. £13.00 Concs £11.00

Carl Donnelly – The Tavistock Room – 9.00 pm: star of Mock the Week, Russell Howard’s Good News, Dave’s One Night Stand and Stand Up For The Week, Carl Donnelly has fast established himself as one of the most exciting young comedians around. His conversational style and silly sense of humour saw him win a host of awards (Chortle Best Newcomer 2007, Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year 2007, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer Nominee 2009) and become a regular at all of the finest comedy clubs in the UK and Ireland. £10.00 Concs £8.00

Marcus Brigstocke – The Round Room – 7.30 pm: Je m’accuse - I am Marcus (Edinburgh Preview) Podium dancer, oil rig worker, food addict, musical theatre enthusiast, posh, eco-hypocrite, ex Goth, muppet fan, award winning comedian and chief beverages operator at the Little Chef – screw politics! Let’s talk about me. £16.00 Concs £13.00

Al Murray The Pub Landlord - The Round Room – 9.30 pm: The Only Way is Epic – Following on from a critically acclaimed sell-out Edinburgh 2012 and UK tour, The Guv is back in Balham with a show of epic proportions, filling up Britain’s empty pint glasses. Britain’s best loved innkeeper serving up his premier brew of ale-inspired acumen and bar-room buffoonery £16.00 Concs £13.00

Tania Edwards - The Tavistock Room – 9.00 pm: The Art of War (Edinburgh preview) Tania is engaged in a fierce argument about whether she’s a bad loser with her better* half & it’s proving difficult to win. But how can you conquer every battle? How can you get your own way, avoid compromise & appear reasonable? She turns to Sun Tzu’s Art of War & learns that to defeat your enemy, you must first know yourself. Who is Tania & can she conquer on th e home front? *joke#1 £10..00 £8.00

Ed Byrne – The Round Room – 8.00 pm: Ed Byrne Roaring Forties - A self-confessed "miserable old git" since the age of 23, Ed Byrne is now in his Forties. While for others this might result in a crisis that prompts the purchase of a sports car, Ed embraces middle age with open arms. Come join him, as he truly comes of age and gives out his clarion cry: "I am in my Forties. HEAR ME ROAR!" £16.00 £13.00 Concs

Mark Steel – The Round Room – 9.45 pm: Mark Steel’s in Town - Following his highly acclaimed, Sony Award winning and Writers Guild Award winning Radio 4 comedy show Mark Steel’s In Town, writer and stand-up comedian Mark Steel is back on the road. Bringing an element of Mark Steel’s In Town to each live show means Mark will write material shedding light on the quirkiness and interesting aspects of every town and city he visits, allowing each show to be unique - something local audiences up and down the Country will devour and enjoy £16.00 Concs £13.00

The Best of Banana Cabaret hosted by John Moloney – The Ballroom – 9.00 pm: Jeff Innocent, Roger Monkhouse, Prince Abdi and Grainne Maguire will take over The Ballroom tonight. Banana favourite Jeff Innocent returns with his unique brand of hard hitting eloquence; Roger Monkhouse, one of the hottest names on the circuit will exert his deadly combination of charm and menace; Somalian born Prince Abdi and comedy circuit favourite will be on hand with his refreshing comedy voice and up and coming Grainne Maguire. £16.00 Concs £13.00


Lucy Porter – The Ballroom – 8.00 pm: Northern Soul (Edinburgh Preview) - familiar from popular TV and Radio panel shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock The Week and The Unbelievable Truth – Lucy Porter performs live at the Balham Comedy Festival, with a preview of her best show yet. Does geography shape our destiny? Born in Croydon to a Northern Irish dad and a Midlander mum (who met in Africa), Lucy never felt that she belonged down South. She tried moving to Manchester, marrying a Welshman and travelling the world, but she’s still - like the littlest hobo - seeking her spiritual home. £13.00 Concs £11.00

Henning Wehn – The Ballroom – 9.45 pm: Henning Knows Bestest - German Comedy Ambassador Henning Wehn is a fountain of knowledge. There’s no shortcut to success; hard work will eventually pay off and there is no shame in paying tax. But what he knows bestest is that his comedy shows are a guaranteed success. Either he’s funny or he confirms a national stereotype. It’s a win-win situation. Wunderbar! £13.00 Concs £11.00

The Best of Banana Cabaret
– The Round Room hosted by John Moloney– 9.00 pm: Lee Mack, Phil Nichol, Ian Stone and Pierre Hollins are on the Banana Cabaret menu tonight - a fantastic line up for the last night of the Festival includes legendary stand up and star of TV’s Not Going Out Lee Mack; Phil Nichol, who with a surreal edge to some of his mischievous rantings always brings something new to the stage; Ian Stone whose easy-going manner and self-deprecating style has seen him ranked as one of the most talented topical acts in the UK and comedy circuit favourite Pierre Hollins the stand-up comedian with a compulsion for absurd guitar posturing! £16.00 Concs £13.00