Theatre Review: The Supreme Fabulettes in Viva La Drag - Leicester Square Theatre ✭✭✭✭

The Supreme Fabulettes in Viva La Drag  
Leicester Square Theatre
Review by Unsa Chaudri

Wednesday 26th June 2013
: Just over a year ago I reviewed The Supreme Fabulettes, so I was quite excited with the prospect of reviewing them again and seeing how they’ve developed.

This time Leicester Square Theatre is the venue of choice, different from Madame JoJo’s as it is less intimate but apt for the size of the show that was to come.

I took my seat amongst the lively crowd and waited for the show to begin. A few moments later we were greeted by not three but four – a new addition to the fold. Portia, Vanilla, Silver and Vicki took to the stage, sang I’m Every Woman and introduced each other.

They sang a few more well-known songs, including Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and a bit of Abba. It soon transpired that this performance was not going to be as short as the last one and there was somewhat of a story line. We were finally going to know the story of how the Supreme Fabulettes came to be. 

Sheila Simmonds
We were soon introduced to Sheila Simmonds, affectionately known as the Drag Mother, and giver of sweets and treats that she kept in her pretty little handbag. She helped deliver the storyline and entertain the audience as the rest of the cast changed through the vast number of outfits, which never fail to surprise. Big hair, bright, shiny outfits and accessories to match, you’d be challenged to find anything like it.

As the story develops we see less of Silver but Vanilla, Vicki and Portia put on a great act. All three have different vocal ranges, which helps with the varying songs as they sing from genre to genre including a good ol’ bit of country (with outfits to match of course) and a scene, which is synonymous of Chicago. Silver’s performance of Diamonds was a show stealer for me. I was impressed by her voice, hitting the high notes effortlessly.

The whole performance was fun, lively, full of audience cheer and the perfect length – they clearly took heed from my last review.

As is expected with the Supreme Fabulettes, there are lots of surprises, all done in good humour, so be prepared to take to the stage if the opportunity presents itself and be sure to look out for the video.

I would recommend the show to anyone who wants to be entertained.

Four stars ✭✭✭✭

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