Gig Review: The Milk - Hyde Park ✭✭✭✭✭

The Milk
Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of these huge venues, a metropolis of fun with stages dotted around all over the place, and in the small Village Hall ( a medium sized marquee), it is playing host to many a fine band. The Milk have been huge favourites of ours here at Backstage Pass since they started out on the scene over a year ago, and we have been following their progress with huge enthusiasm. Why? I hear you ask... just listen to their music and all will unfold.

Rick Nunn @ Hyde Park
Photo by Steve Stubbs
When you see this band playing live, there is an air of excitement about them, true professionals putting on a dazzling stage performance - Lead singer Rick Nunn has the kind of gritty rock voice that is just a pleasure to listen to day in and day out. The band play tight together, Mitch Ayling on Drums, Dan Legresley on guitars and Luke Ayling looking cool on Bass, not missing a beat which at times is difficult in some of the arrangements leading into classics such as (All I Wanted was) Danger, Broke Up The Family - with audience clapping along - and Mr Motivator.

A slightly slower more relaxed version of Chip The Kids was blended into the set list, which I found odd as I'm more used to hearing the pumped up version along with audience participation of 'getting down' on the floor during the song. But with the Village Hall at capacity at Hyde Park, the crowd were loving The Milk, and we were also treated to new songs taken from the forthcoming album.

I think next year they need to be on a main stage, and rocking out a 50,000+ crowd instead of being poked away in a smaller 100 capacity space. And with a new album coming out soon, this Milk has a very long life ahead indeed.

Five stars ✭✭✭✭✭