Gig Review: Wireless Festival, 12th July - Justin Timberlake, Sub Focus, Frank Ocean & more ✭✭✭✭✭

Wireless Festival 2013

Friday 12th July 

Friday was the first day of the three day festival, the sun was definitely shining and the festival was completely sold out. With an impressive line-up there was a lot to look forward to and a lot to choose from, Frank Ocean, Sub Focus, Rita Ora, Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and many more. This day was a great day to start off a great weekend.

Day 1 – The afternoon at Wireless was all about the soft sounds of RnB with Miguel, John Legend and Trey Songz on the main stage and Frank Ocean on the Pepsi Max Stage later on in the day. Miguel was up first, hitting the stage in all black including a leather jacket. Singing a bunch of his hits along to guitar solos and banging beats Miguel certainly got the crowd going. His set included hits like "Adorn" and "How Many Drinks"

Half way through his set, Miguel started to explain the meaning to “All I Want Is You” a sad story of a former relationship it made his performance a lot more emotional. Eventually it got too hot for Miguel in his leather jacket and he stripped down to his t-shirt, revealing his six pack to the female members of the audience – it certainly got a little bit hotter.

We listened to a little bit of John Legend whose soulful voice made for a relaxing chilled out vibe, we then headed over to the other side of the festival to the Pepsi Max Stage we caught the end Bingo Players and waited for Zane Lowe. Zane Lowe delivered a massive set, so big in fact it felt like I was in Ibiza. Highs included Dizzee Rascals, Old Dirty B*stard and House of Pain tracks. He got the crowd going ready for Sub Focus.

Sub Focus (aka Nick Douwma) the penultimate act on the Pepsi Max Stage, he had a very warmed up crowd who were ready to go crazy. There is a huge circular LED construction stands behind and in front of the DJ podium, it pulsates with the beat, The Iris, it is very impressive. With this production you get to listen to DnB, dubstep, house and a lot of bass, it doesn't disappoint. Opening with the atmospheric intro of “Let The Story Begin” and the Daft Punk sampling "Rock It", we were treated to new mixes and live editing. With songs like "Falling Down VIP", Move and his chart hits "Out The Blue", "Endorphins" and "Tidal Wave". The crowd were also teased with some new tracks from his upcoming album. Great set. Super pumped performance. The crowd were hyped and everyone was sweating, what more could ask for?

Back over at the main stage Trey Songz was getting ready to hit the stage. Relaxing on the grass and listening to the cool sounds of RnB from ‘Mr Steal Your Girl’, perfection. Trey worked the crowd with his hits “Bottoms Up”, “I Invented Sex” “Can’t Help But Wait” and “Can’t Be Friends” and some of his new material.  

Frank Ocean was up next on the Pepsi Max Stage, with a full crowd ready, waiting and spilling outside of the tent just to catch a glimpse of this R&B superstar. He walked on to the stage in his usual red and white bandana and started to sing. His all together performance with a continual video of a yellow car driving through the desert played its part in making this day extra special. With his soft tone and full band you got to hear Frank Ocean the way he should be heard – live. Performing songs “Sierra Leone”, “Pyramids”, “Super Rich Kids”, “Thinkin  Bout You” and of course “Novacane”. One of my favourite artists and it was great to hear him live one of my best acts of the day.

So with all the performances of the day done it was time to head back to the main stage to watch the headline act. Justin Timberlake belongs on a stage. The headline performance was definitely not one to be missed, bringing his 15-piece big band, The Tennessee Kids. Filling the arena with the sounds of “Like I Love You”, JT hits the stage, for an unbelievable show. This man is crazy talented, singing, rapping, dancing, and playing the guitar and the piano he can probably cook too. With new and old songs the whole audience were in for a great time from “Cry Me a River”, “Señorita”, “Rock Your Body” to JT’s newer stuff “Mirrors”, “Tunnel Vision” and “Take Back The Night” which was actually released on the day. On the performance of “Suit & Tie” we had a treat with Jay-Z coming out. The whole performance was great, the whole audience were clearly really enjoying themselves, singing along to all the songs, old and new. You couldn't have asked for a better way to end the night. One thing is for sure it is great to have Justin Timberlake doing music again!