Theatre Review: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens - Leicester Square Theatre Lounge ✭✭✭

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Leicester Square Theatre Lounge

Friday 9th August 2013: Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens is one of these cult musicals that has been going for years. Sort of a cross between Rocky Horror and Priscilla, this is a 'Glamp' couple of entertaining hours.

Jack De'ath is killing off all the cabaret singers at his nightclub with a stiletto in the chest, and the space vixens head along to work out what is going on. Combined with a disco soundtrack with a couple of catchy numbers in the mix, this production has potential to be a big hit... if only if it were in a different space.

The Leicester Square Theatre Lounge is far too small a space to put on a production like this, it feels cramped, and the sound system is not very good either (a technical hitch in the first couple of minutes halted proceedings and the show had to start again). Some tracks were in full flow, but a lot of the music lacked bass and depth, they were either too quiet or too loud, and at times it was difficult to hear the vocals amongst the two radio mics being used.

To get us in 'the mood' for the actual show, for some reason they have decided to put on a singer doing (very bad) karaoke hits at 7.30pm. This actually put me in the mood to leave and come back at 8pm for the start of the performance, as I felt I was on a very trashy cruise ship... let's call it the Titanic as it should have hit an iceberg and drowned us all.

Meanwhile back in Saucy Jacks, there are some good performances, Ralph Bogard as Jack brings a fine villainous edge to the role, and Marcus Reeves as Dr. von Whackoff is comedy gold. But for me the star of the show is Jamie Birkett as Jubilee climax, with great vocals and sexy, sassy sophistication to (glitter)boot.

All in all, a couple of hours of fun, camp entertainment from a good ensemble cast, just a shame it's in such a small space.

Three stars ✭✭✭


Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Leicester Square Theatre
6 Leicester Place

Thursday 1 August - Sunday 15 September

Tuesday - Sunday at 8.00pm
pre-show cabaret at 7.30pm

Friday & Saturday night includes a post-show disco

Midnight matinees
 Friday 16 & Saturday 18 August
Doors: 10:30pm
Pre Show Cabaret: 11.00pm
Show: 11:30pm

Tuesday - Thursday £18.50 
Friday & Saturday  £20.50

Box office: 08448 733433