[title of show] Assembly Checkpoint, Edinburgh Fringe ✭✭✭✭

Good things comes to those who wait and the UK has patiently waited for a production of [title of show] since it took on Broadway in 2008. In true British form you wait ages for something and then two come along at once - the UK premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe and a London production opening at the Landor theatre in London this week.

[title of show] caught the imagination of US theatre lovers, drama students and musical theatre wannabes on its long road to Broadway and it's fitting that it should launch itself into the UK spotlight at the world's biggest arts festival.

The musical about two guys writing a musical about two guys writing a musical for a festival (keep up!) is fast paced and positively bursting with obscure musical theatre references. The slick cast ensure that 80 minutes flies by leaving the audience giving a standing ovation and shouting for more.

The cast have incredible chemistry and as the witty one-liners envelop the audience its easy to forget this is a show such is the authentic portrayal of the characters. Ricky Johnston (Hunter) and Robbie Towns (Jeff) have a wonderful, infectious energy with a teasing edge that really brings Hunter and Jeff's friendship to life. Johnston bounds about the stage with Labrador puppy-esque enthusiasm contrasting Towns' softer, more reflective Jeff.

Carley Stenson is a joy to watch as the acerbic Susan, a role that in the wrong hands should easily come across as selfish but Stenson ensures there is the right dose of realism and cynicism from Susan's years in an office job to keep the piece grounded. Jamie Lee Pike's Heidi plays off Stenson's often standoffish Susan brilliantly and gives a show-stopping performance of the poignant A Way Back to Then.

[title of show] is an absolute must see for musical theatre lovers but this superb cast makes it a truly unmissable show at the Fringe. 

[title of show] is at the Assembly Checkpoint until 26th August. For tickets and more information visit